Jet Ski, Waverunner or Sea Doo?

yamaha waverunner

Water toys and leisure amenities play a key role in the choice of  boats for a yacht charter.

After talking about the novelties in the world of water toys in our previous articles, the Freestyle cruiser slide, the Seabreacher and the Jet Capsule,  today we’re going to highlight one of the flagship classics: the Jet Ski.

I’m pretty sure many among you refer to all types as jet ski, however they are technically known as Personal Water Craft, and Jet ski is just a brand’s name. In fact, three major brands of PWC are almost always found on board luxury yachts available for yacht charter: Jet Ski, Waverunner and Sea Doo.

Kawasaki Jet Ski

The American Motors Corp. Kawasaki  has gained repute for introducing the first commercially successful PWC, called Jet Ski. Though Jet Ski refers to the brand’s name, it has gradually become a generic name for all types of personal watercraft.
Kawasaki was known for producing stand-up Jet Skis, which was the only model available before the introduction of sit-down WaveRunner by Yamaha.

After witnessing the tremendous success of sit-down PWC, Kawasaki decided to start producing sit-down Jet Ski . Kawasaki Jet Ski are known worldwide for their high end performance simulating in many aspects robust and fast motorcycles.

PS: as an expert i do recommend the stand-up Jet Ski for all those seeking extreme fun and a serious adventure on the water! You will love it!

Here’s a selection of our luxury yachts available for yacht charter

Yamaha WaveRunner

In the mid-1980s, Yamaha Motor Corp joined the industry of PWC industry which was dominated in the previous years by Kawasaki. Yamaha’s line of PWC was a real change in the market. Yamaha’s PWC is called WaveRunner and is distinguished for being the first sit-down with one- or two-person capacities. Thereafter, the name brand’s name, WaveRunner, has become a generalized trademark for any type of sit-down PWC.

Faithful to its traditions in motorcycles production, Yamaha WaveRunner is a perfect combination of cutting edge performance and luxury.

WaveBlaster and SuperJet are two of the most popular models produced by Yamaha. The SuperJet is highly regarded among stand-up enthusiasts and stands as a real competitor to Kawasaki Jet Ski.

If you want to share the fun time with you family and kids, the multiple-person sit-down WaveRunner is a perfect choice. Various models of WaveRunner are to be found on board Lauren L, Sierra Romeo, Tatiana which are available for luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

Bombardier Sea-Doo

Bombardier Recreational Products gets credit for introducing the first sit-down Personal Water Craft in the 1960s, which was of a limited success. After an almost 20 years of withdrawl from the industry, the Canadian company came back in force and has become a real competitor for Kawasaki and Yamaha.

The Sea-Doo XP model, which was produced from 1989 to 2003, was a real revolution in the world of PWC. The XP was named Watercraft of the century by Watercraft World magazine for being the first high performance version of sit-down PWC.

The success story doesn’t end here. In the late 2014, Bombardier launched Spark which they think it will revolutionize the whole industry for being cheaper and lighter in weight while guaranteeing a maximum of fun.

Princess Iolanthe, Seven Sins and Darlings Danama are some of our luxury yachts available for yacht charter in the Mediterranean and equipped with different models of Sea-Doo Bombardier.


These three companies are currently the most active in the personal watercraft market. They are competing to attract more adrenaline rush enthusiasts among yacht charterers!

Which one is your favorite? The stand-up or the sit-down? The single or the multi-person family craft? Share your experience with us in the comments’ field below 😉

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