10 Celebrities Spotted Aboard Luxury Yachts


It’s no secret that celebrities have always enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle that comes with owning or renting a superyacht. However, this year, there has been a remarkable surge in the number of high-profile individuals spotted aboard these ultra-luxury vessels. From Hollywood movie stars to influential business leaders and social media influencers, superyachts have become their preferred getaway destinations. These floating palaces often boast lavish amenities such as swimming pools, cinemas, helipads, and gourmet kitchens, making them the ultimate status symbol in the world of luxury travel.

Kylie Jenner’s birthday on the luxury yacht PARTY GIRL

Kelly Jenner’s 25th birthday celebrations on board the luxurious Party Girl yacht were nothing short of sensational. The young billionaire and her closest friends were pampered with five-star treatment from the moment they set foot on board, with a team of dedicated crew members ready to cater to their every whim. The yacht’s sprawling deck offered stunning views of the ocean as the guests enjoyed sunbathing, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and indulging in delicious gourmet meals. The all-white party theme set the perfect tone for the occasion, with guests decked out in their finest attire. From the champagne toasts to the breathtaking fireworks display, Kelly’s birthday party was truly a night to remember. The festivities continued long into the night, with the yacht’s state-of-the-art sound system providing the perfect soundtrack to the evening. All in all, it was a truly spectacular celebration befitting of a true Hollywood royalty like Kelly Jenner.

Conor McGregor on his LAMBORGHIHI YACHT 

Conor McGregor, the renowned Irish MMA fighter, has been making waves with his recent purchase of a stunning yacht called the Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63 yacht. This luxury vessel is a masterpiece, featuring a sleek and modern design inspired by Lamborghini’s iconic sports cars. Its lightweight carbon fiber construction makes it a speedy and agile vessel on the water, capable of reaching impressive speeds of up to 60 knots. McGregor, who has a passion for all things fast and luxurious, can surely appreciate the high-tech amenities that the yacht offers, such as a state-of-the-art sound system, a lavish sunbathing area, and even built-in refrigerators to keep drinks and food cool. Its tastefully decorated interior is equally impressive, with premium materials and finishes creating a chic, yet comfortable atmosphere. It’s no wonder that McGregor couldn’t resist the temptation of owning such a breathtaking yacht.

Drake spotted onboard CORAL OCEAN for his new video “Sticky”

Drake’s latest music video for his track “Sticky” showcases the stunning Coral Ocean, a Lürssen yacht measuring 72.54 metres in length. The video, which is part of his recent album Honestly Nevermind, offers a visually striking experience featuring extensive footage of the luxury vessel. The Coral Ocean, which underwent a full-scale refit earlier this year, boasts a fresh new hull colour and numerous upgrades while still retaining her prestigious Jon Bannenberg roots. Filmed by Drake’s trusted visual collaborator, Theo Skudra, this music video is not to be missed.

David and Victoria Beckham aboard Superyacht IJE

Posh and Becks, the beloved British couple, were recently seen cruising on the 108-meter IJE yacht during their 2022 summer vacation. They spent valuable time with their family, including Harper and Cruz, as well as newlyweds Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz, in scenic locations such as the Amalfi Coast and St Tropez. The yacht’s many amenities, including a spacious aft deck pool, beach club, and even a nightclub, provided ample opportunities for the family to enjoy the stunning views together.

Christiano Ronaldo spotted in Majorca aboard his AZIMUT BENETTI CG MARE

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was recently spotted vacationing on the sunny island of Majorca with his son and partner, months after welcoming their daughter Bella Esmerelda. Ronaldo, who has a penchant for superyachts, purchased the Azimut-Benetti model CG Mare earlier this year after frequently chartering in the past. This stunning vessel features gorgeous interiors by Salvagni Architetti and was designed by Stefano Righini and delivered in Italy in 2020. Ronaldo has a history of enjoying luxurious yacht vacations, having been seen soaking up the sun on the Lionchase in the French Riviera back in 2014 after opting for a superyacht charter in Dubai.

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field vacation on the stunning Superyacht IJE

Robbie Williams, the former Take That singer, enjoyed a luxurious summer vacation with his wife Ayda on a stunning yacht. They were spotted on board the Trinity Yachts superyacht Keyla in Turkey earlier. Recently, Ayda joined James Packer and his ex-wife Erica on the massive 108-meter-long IJE yacht in St. Tropez. The IJE is named after Packer’s three children with Erica and is a custom creation by British design studio RWD and Italian builder Benetti.

Rafael Nadal: owner of a Luxury SUNREEF 80 POWER catamaran

Rafael Nadal, the renowned tennis player, has been spotted enjoying his latest acquisition – the customised 80 Sunreef Power yacht named Great White – during summer. This 24.4 metre power catamaran was delivered in June 2020 after Nadal commissioned its design. He has been cruising around his favourite destination, Mallorca, both before and after the Wimbledon championships. He had previously chartered other Sunreef catamarans.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z onboard of FLYING FOX Superyacht

Celeb superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z were recently seen soaking up the French Riviera sun aboard the luxurious 136-metre Flying Fox superyacht. Surprisingly absent from last year’s Met Gala, the couple have a fondness for superyacht vacations and have previously been spotted cruising on both the Kismet and Lana yachts. Hop aboard for a glimpse into the fabulous life of these two power players.

Kendall Jenner escapes on Luxurious Superyacht ELENI in Sardinia

Kendall Jenner, the renowned model and reality TV star, recently enjoyed a well-deserved break on the stunning island of Sardinia. But that’s not all – she did it in style aboard the magnificent CBI Navi superyacht called Eleni. With a length of 49.9 metres, Eleni offers complete luxury and can host up to 12 guests. Not to mention, the elegant interior was designed by mastermind Luca Dini. Interested in some adventure? Eleni knows how to thrill guests with an inflatable slide, two SeaDoos and Jetskis on board. 

Ed Sheeran on a mysterious yacht 

Ed Sheeran, the famous musician, showed us how to truly unwind by sharing a picture of himself relaxing on-board in January 2019. During his downtime, Sheeran was joined by his security guard Kevin Myers and humorously captioned the image with “A rare sight of me reading a book and @securitykev bird watching.”

While he didn’t disclose the name of the yacht, it was clear that the serene location provided the perfect getaway for him during his break from touring the world.


In short, the appeal of superyachts to celebrities is undeniable, and their presence has grown considerably in recent years. With world-class amenities ranging from swimming pools to private cinemas and more, it’s no wonder these luxurious vessels continue to be popular vacation destinations for the elite. For those aspiring to charter their own superyacht in the future, there are a wide variety of options to suit all types of needs. The superyacht’s crew will ensure that your stay takes place in the utmost comfort and privacy, allowing you to experience top-level luxury first-hand. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable getaway that combines style and extravagance with total relaxation, treat yourself to a magnificent voyage aboard a superyacht prized by celebrities! If you’d like to find out more about these floating palaces, or have any other questions, the WI Yachts team will be delighted to help you in your quest for luxury travel.

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