Super Yacht 66-Meter Catamaran “Hodor” : A Toy Box


Hodor is a 77-meter-long catamaran built to accompany one of the world’s largest superyachts. This all-aluminum support boat includes all of the nautical equipment needed for a day on the water as well as a luxurious and sophisticated design. It’s a floating dream for adventure enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

Introducing the Hodor catamaran

At 66 meters long, Hodor is the world’s largest “shadow cat,” designed to efficiently store, maintain, launch, and recover superyacht toys. Australian naval architect Incat Crowther, best known for designing high-speed catamaran ferries, created Hodor based on an all-aluminium 55-meter fast ferry platform. The hull has been stretched by 11 meters to accommodate the toys and exact specifications of the 17 full-time crew members who keep the yacht running on a day-to-day basis.

The interior of Hodor is as impressive as the exterior, with high-end furnishings and a fully stocked bar. The guest lounge walls and staircase feature laser-cut Corian panels with Moorish design. The crew quarters are also spacious, with light-filled, open-plan communal areas and generous cabins with full-sized bathrooms.

Toys on board Hodor

Hodor is packed with all sorts of toys, there are nine jet skis, four Yamaha quad bikes, two Yamaha side-by-side ATVs, four Yamaha TW200 trail motorcycles, two Laser dinghies, and one Hobie Cat stored in the huge garage below deck. Additionally, there’s a Seamagine Aurora-3 submersible, which is yet to be delivered, and a 17-meter Nor-Tech 560 Sport center console, which takes the spot of the largest beast on board.

The vessel is designed to accommodate big and bulky items such as the Nor-Tech, which can be safely handled thanks to Incat Crowther’s existing catamaran design. The design also allows for a fast launch and recovery system, which is scalable to a suitable size, allowing the chase boat to be launched easily and quickly between the catamaran hulls.

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On the top deck, guests can find a 7.3-meter Novurania catamaran RIB, a nine-meter Metal Shark landing craft, a 16-meter Hydra-Sports 53 center console sports boat with quad Seven Marine 627 engines, a Ski Nautique, and a 388 Skater race boat, capable of a genuine 240km/h. The collection of toys ensures that even the most adventurous guest will be entertained. 

The fun isn’t limited to water activities; Hodor features a dive room stocked with oxygen, Nitrox, and compressed air, and an emergency decompression chamber, stretcher, and triage area. There is also a petrol room capable of holding 7,500 liters of fuel and an engineer’s workshop to keep all the toys running smoothly.

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Hodor is a floating dream come true, a true amalgamation of a luxury superyacht and a thrill-seekers’ paradise. With all its toys, it surely is one of the most unique vessels ever built.