The size of a continent, China is one of the countries with the greatest cultural wealth in the world. Renting a boat will allow you to unlock its secrets and discover its most beautiful treasures.


The size of a continent, China is one of the countries with the greatest cultural wealth in the world. Renting a boat will allow you to unlock its secrets and discover its most beautiful treasures.


Ranked among one of the four great ancient civilizations, China will charm you with its history but also with its rich heritage, dominated by temples, museums and numerous parks. You will discover an extremely diversified country, where there will be no shortage of discoveries. 


True mosaic of landscapes, the country is divided between deserts, tropical forests, sandy beaches and mountains. On the discovery side, China has no less than 45 sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the emblematic Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the famous Terracotta Warriors. You can meet one of China's 55 ethnic minorities, or one of the 500 population groups.


To let go, the beaches of Sanya, Qingdao, Dalian or Xiamen, will offer you idyllic settings. 


On board your catamaran (or motorboat), you will sail to Chinese natural paradises or cultural places. Discover a complex and original language. Attend kung-fu and tai-chi fights. Explore the fields of excellence of traditional China such as medicine, opera, calligraphy, porcelain and tea production. 

Immersed in the culture, you will quickly understand the importance of family, sharing and the value of work, the main traditions that punctuate the life of the inhabitants. From region to region, you will taste different gastronomy. The most famous dishes are surprising, mixing both sweet and salty and spicy and spicy flavours.


Located in Liaoning province, surrounded by the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, Dalian is one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Its large flowered parks, the dynamics of its city centre and its charming paths are as many assets to seduce you as its pleasant climate and its rich history. 

The beaches and beautiful coves are ideal for relaxing and swimming, and will charm you with their preservation, sheltered from the world. Its flowery parks and squares offer beautiful walks. The Parc du Travail even has a chairlift, allowing you to reach the top of the hill to enjoy an exceptional panorama.


Located in the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city. A former German colony, the resort is internationally renowned for its local beer, Tsingtao. The annual beer festival attracts tourists and breweries from all over the world on the second weekend of August. 

Known also for its beaches, Qingdao offers many places to relax away from the hot temperatures. Not far away, the summit of Mount Laoshan offers a superb panoramic view. During its ascent, you will have the opportunity to visit various Taoist temples. 


Located in the south of Hainan Island, Sanya is also known as "East Hawaii". The only large city located in a tropical zone, it is appreciated for the quality of its air and its green landscapes. 

A true seaside resort, Sanya is the ideal place for holidays in a preserved place, thanks to its sunshine, its numerous beaches and its romantic places. 

As soon as night falls, the terraces of the town come alive, to offer you a friendly atmosphere, and allow you to taste the local specialities in the best conditions of the…


At the end of your boat rental, the word travel will take on a whole new meaning for you, as the discoveries of customs, traditions, beliefs and ethnic groups will have been particularly varied within one and the same country. 

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