Yacht charter Venezuela

Venezuela reveals a succession of islands and wild coves each different from the other. From Margarita, the capital of duty free and night life or of the archipelago of Los Roques which is known as a coral jewel perfect for yacht charter in Venezuela. While fishing, you will be protected from the surge of the open sea thanks to the large reef.

Venezuela's northern coast have a tropical climate and only two seasons, a dry season from December to May, and the rainy one from June to November (however, on the islands, rains are very rare). The whole area is considered out of the hurricane belt, which is why many people visit during the summer.

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Robertson & Caines Leopard 45
Leopard 45
Robertson & Caines
Robertson & Caines Leopard 4600
Leopard 4600
Robertson & Caines
Robertson & Caines Leopard 47
Leopard 47
Robertson & Caines
Robertson & Caines Leopard Power 474
Leopard Power 474
Robertson & Caines
Beneteau Beneteau 50
Beneteau 50
JFA Catamaran 26M
Rose of Jericho (ex Sun Tenareze)
JFA Catamaran 26M

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