Here are the Best Luxury Things to Do in Monaco !

Discover the best luxury things to do in monaco

Monte-Carlo, Monaco, has long had the reputation of the most extravagant, luxurious tourist spot. Everything about it exudes wealth and opulence. There are many ways to make the most of this lavish experience during a trip to this principality.

Come for the F1

Many people choose to come to Monaco during the FI Grand Prix. Some do so to mingle with the VIPs as much as watch the race. The Amber Lounge is especially popular, with a price tag to match. A table here can cost from $8,000 to almost $30,000.

Enjoy a round of golf

If F1 isn’t your thing, perhaps golf is. Keen golfers like to play a few holes in as many countries and top courses as possible. The Monte Carlo golf club will certainly make rivals at your local clubhouse a bit jealous.

Shop util you drop

Monaco is a shopper’s paradise. There are so many high-end stores and boutiques that visitors can go a little wild with the credit card. Dior, Gucci, and Prada are just some of the top names here to browse on this luxury vacation.

Pamper yourself with a spa treatment

Many tourists will love to have a spa treatment at the Thermes Marins. There are 37 types of massage, which is many more than the average visitor could name. There is also a hydrotherapy pool and solarium.

Hit the tables at the casino

Casino de Monte-Carlo is a must-see location for those that are keen gamblers. If you find that the spa and shopping were a little pricey, this is the ultimate place to try and win a little more spending money. Visitors can play out James Bond fantasies, as Bond himself played here in many films.

Spent some time on the water with a luxury Yacht charter

There isn’t much that screams Monaco luxury like a day on a yacht. Don’t treat it like a glorified hotel suite and leave it in the marina like some people. Take it out on the water and explore the coastline. Watch the sunset from a different perspective.

Have a drink at Hotel Metropole

After a long day of sport, shopping or pampering, it is nice to have a drink or two as the sun goes down. The rooftop bar of Hotel Metropole is one of the most popular for those with a little more to spend. The views are incredible.

Dance the night away at Jimmy’z

Jimmy’z is one of the most fashionable and most popular nightclubs in all of Monaco. If you have the chance to get in and make an impression there, you don’t want to miss it. This is the perfect place to unwind with friends while ticking off a few celebrity spots. Famous patrons like Justin Bieber and Leonardo Di Caprio may pass by.


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