Jet Capsule: the ultra-custom pocket yacht

ultra-custom pocket yacht flying on the sea

Surprisingly, bigger is not always better. Developed by a team of Italian designers, Jet Capsule is a mini yacht or a huge water toy. Compact, powerful, and luxurious, it is fully customizable to cater to all your desires.

The pocket boat is simple to navigate and spacious enough to accommodate a handful of friends over a drink in the middle of the sea.

It is small enough to minimize high costs for being docked in a port but large enough to carry a group of friends in comfort to an island where they can sleep aboard.

Measuring 24’6 ″ (7.5 meters) LOA and with a beam of 11’5 ″ (3.5 meters), the futuristic yacht that is compact, lightweight, and luxurious.

The powerboat hull is composed of fiberglass and features stainless steel handrails. Jet Capsule’s photochromic glass changes transparency depending on the intensity of sunlight.

The engine’s power is such that the maximum speed attainable is 35 knots, or 40mph. It is a bit slower than a Jet Ski or a See-Doo. But the comfort is way better. And the Jet Capsule is more versatile.

The Neapolitan designers have worked on this project for five long years to make the vehicle compact, lightweight, and luxurious. And the result is quite conclusive.

First presented in Monaco in 2013, the jet capsule costs 150 000 € for its basic version and 255 000 € for its customized version. 

Customizations vary from the color of the capsule to the engine through the interior design. Need a sundeck? A desk for remote work to work in a secured cove? They have you covered.

You can choose your among the different layouts available, including an empty shell. There is a taxi layout that fits up to nine passengers, or a living capsule, outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom, and two convertible sofas.

The company has even developed models for lifeguards, water taxi, and even an armored version for the army.

You can even propose your specific needs if none of the options meet your needs, and they’ll work on crafting your dream yacht!

More info on the Jet Capsule official website.


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