Jet Capsule: the ultra-custom pocket yacht flying on the sea

ultra-custom pocket yacht flying on the sea

Ever heard of the Jet Capsule? As its name suggests, it’s a “capsule” for you to travel the seas, combining luxury and speed, a combination you’ve always dreamed of, and who doesn’t! The Jet Capsule was created as “a fairly small boat to be easily maneuvered, and spacious enough to accommodate a handful of friends over a drink in the middle of the sea,” in the words of its designer.

The Jet Capsule, is in fact a mini yacht developed by a team of Italian designers based in Naples. The goal was to make a compact boat, useful, powerful and luxurious. Even better, the boat is fully customizable to your every desire.
If its interior can vary with some arrangements including berths or kitchen, it’s the various arrangements that can be made on the exterior that may interest users the most. For this capsule can customize in several versions, it can be a simple family boat, a taxi, a police car, a mini disco or even a military patrol vehicle.
Desiring to make the vehicle both compact, lightweight and luxurious, designers have worked on this project for five long years. And the result is quite conclusive. One is left with a vehicle crafted to 70% carbon with photochromic glass that change transparency depending on the intensity of sunlight. The engine’s power is such that the maximum speed attainable is nearly 55 km / h.

First presented in 2013 in Monaco, the jet capsule is sold at 150 000 € for its basic version and 255 000 € for its customized version. If the capsules are not yet available for use, the Neapolitan company hopes to have them delivered within four months. Meanwhile, it is always possible to sign a promise to purchase. The company has certified that space there was greater than in a boat of the same size thanks to the arrangement possibilities.

Future users are allowed to customize a wide entire vehicle. Customizations vary from the color of the capsule to the engine through the interior design. The company has even developed models for lifeguards, water taxi and even an armored version for the army. For those who will use the capsule as a taxi, the number of seats can vary between six and nine. Similarly, other adjustments can be made for police, ambulance or even the military patrol vehicles.
You can chose your Jet Capsule amaong the different layouts available, which include an empty shel, a comfort option with two convertible sofas, a taxi layout that fits up to nine passengers, or a living capsule, outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom, and two convertible sofas. You can even propose your specific needs if none of the options meet your needs, and they’ll work on realising the yacht of your dreams! isn’t that great!

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