The Seabreacher, your obedient shark


After introducing the amazing Freestyle Cruising Slide, we raise the bar of fun and excitement, it’s time to consider trying the Seabreacher. Get ready for extreme fun and a high rush of adrenaline.

When planning a yacht charter vacation, besides choosing the destination and the yacht to sail on board, we do pay attention to the water toys available, especially if we’re intending to spend crazy times with friends and family.

Halfway between a jet ski and a mini submarine, the Seabreacher is a two-seater watercraft. It makes it possible to have fun under the water.

Available now in 3 models, more or less evolved, Shark X, Y Killer Whale and Dolphin Z, the Dolphin offers large number of possibilities, the Seabreacher offers different designs and can be customized according to the wishes of its owner.

On board, the cockpit canopy, very similar to that of a plane, allows a panoramic vision that makes 3D navigation figures particularly wonderful.

Even better, with the Seabreacher, we do experience a pretty amazing thing: not only navigate 2D on the water, but also underwater, classic or freestyle way: leaping out of the water, barrels (rotate the Seabreacher around its longitudinal axis), vertical navigation. In short, with a little practice, you will be ineventing hundred ways to go crazy with the Seabreacher.

As for underwater navigation, the Seabreacher is not totally submarine, but with a snorkel, it can stay underwater for a few seconds, less than 2 meters deep.

We’ve just fell in love with this water toy, and we’re pretty sure it will find any fans among yachting lovers, yet, it would be great to note that  its use requires  some training.


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