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Find a destination where you can rent a boat and discover the best the ocean has to offer. WI Yachts offers Sailing yacht from monohull to multihull including catamaran or trimaran; & Motoryacht : monohull or power catamaran. About Windward Islands Adventure awaits you aboard the world’s finest boats, all carefully...
What images come to mind when you think of sailing? – Cocktails, breathtaking beaches, a clear blue sea, and dazzling sunshine. You are correct, too! But there is much more to it; it is a wonderful sport and activity that the whole family can enjoy, from steering to reading...
As you know, your yacht rental and the experience around should not be taken lightly. Before you embark on your sailing adventure, ask us for advice and check if you have the level of experience required to charter bareboat. Sailing in Croatia, do I need a sailing permit ? ...
Whether it's a leisure activity, a competition or a way of life, there's something for everyone. Sailing with the wind as a propelling force is an art… but do you really know the world of sailing? test yourself

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