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Finding the best sailing apps isn't the easiest. Much like any other apps, each sailing app has its enthusiasts as well as its people who didn't enjoy using it. Whichever device you prefer, be it Ipad, IOS or android, there is a sailing app that can help you improve your...
Most Caribbean islands have reopened to international tourism, with protocols in place to protect visitors and residents from Covid-19. The document is intended to give overview about the situation in countries of the Caribbean that are open or closed. We recommend always double check updated information in your local...
Do you dream of a full tan and lounge on the beach as nature intended? Many spots can satisfy your naturist desires, you just have to find them and especially the atmosphere that suits you.  Indeed, when you are abroad, it is not always easy to find these beaches where...
Do you want to stand-up or sit-down? Are you looking for speed and acceleration or seat and storage capacity? In this article, we explain all  differences between Jet Ski, WaveRunner and Sea-Doo. I’m pretty sure that many among you refer to all types as "jet ski". However, their exact technical...
That’s it, it’s decided!  you are selling your boat or buying one! What a major decision given the numerous and very technical parameters to be considered. No doubt: you need a trustworthy yacht broker, a partner with comprehensive market knowledge and expertise to advise you and carry out this transaction in the best conditions.  Personalized...

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