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Power multihulls have grown in popularity for the last decades. From the original power catamarans to the most recent innovative hybrid trimarans, the multihull market is constantly evolving and has a lot to offer for the years to come. A motor multihull is the opportunity to sail a comfortable boat,...
Cargo shipping by sea is one of the most crucial aspects of trade in our modern world. This is because cargo transported through ships is usually cheaper than through other methods. Many companies depend on cargo shipping for trade. Sometimes, when major trade routes like the Suez Canal get...
When it comes to buying a boat, there is no lack of advice. But what about when you want to sell your yacht?  Here are some tips and answers to the important questions you may have.f How to sell my boat quickly? If you want to sell your boat, you must...
Buying a pre-owned yacht offers the advantages of immediate availability and reduced cost compared to commissioning a new yacht. Also, the negotiation process saves money. A luxury yacht that is already on the water also has a track record and charter history, which can be factored into your purchase decision....
The cost to charter a luxury yacht is not always clear, especially if you are renting a vessel for the first time.Freedom, privacy, intimacy, service, comfort, exclusive experiences... No doubt, holidays during a cruise sounds like THE ultimate luxury vacation. So, how much does it really cost to charter a...

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