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The USVI Yacht Charter Show 2022 Estelle - 09/22/2022 The Caribbean to Mediterranean sailing routes: how to cross the Atlantic eastward Estelle - 09/20/2022 Best-nude-beaches-mediterranean The Best Nude Beaches in the Mediterranean Lisa - 09/20/2022 Cannes Yachting Festival : An Exceptional trade-show Estelle - 09/05/2022 Seychelles Vs. Maldives: Which is Best for You? Estelle - 09/02/2022




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The 2022 USVI Charter Yacht Show will again be based at IGY's Yacht Haven Grande on St. Thomas. Last October, the marina was named Superyacht Marina of the Year for the fourth time since 2016 by the prestigious UK-based The Yacht Harbour Association. If you are planning to charter a...
By early summer, the Caribbean's prime season is winding down, pushed out by a barrage of large regattas. Then, when summer returns to the northern latitudes, the workers return home. While most people concentrate on traversing the Atlantic from Europe to the Caribbean, the journey back to Europe or the...
Nothing is better than sunbathing on the sand for a perfect tan and living in the moment. Some great nude beaches across the Mediterranean can feed your naturist needs. Whether you’re a nudist, naturist, or you like being naked to experience a different sensory experience in an idyllic setting, today, we’ll be leading you...
First nautical event of the season not to be missed, the actors of the yachting industry will present their novelties in world preview in a luxurious and elegant universe. Two emblematic sites will host this event, the Old Port of Cannes and Port Canto. While the Vieux Port presents prestigious...
Seychelles and Maldives are two islands in the Indian Ocean that are very similar in their geographical appearance and natural beauty. Both of these are popular tourist destinations. Here we have compared various factors of these two islands. Some of these are location, cost of a stay, climate, things...

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