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It becomes difficult to go back once you get a taste of the multihull and especially the trimaran. Three words define it perfectly: Stability, Speed, and Lightness. What is a trimaran? A trimaran is a type of sailboat. This boat is a multihull composed of three individual hulls. The center hull...
Are you looking to cruise with family and friends? Are you a passionate sailor? Check out our selection of the 5 best sailboats under 60 feet. Each boat has its own technical characteristics, so make sure you make the right call when picking the one you like according to your...
The yacht slide is a yacht toy that is hard to miss when your yacht charter is equipped. Among all the activities available on a boat, this is without a doubt one of the most fun and family friendly one. Why should you consider a yacht slide?  When thinking of renting...
The second-largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia, is the first destination in Italy when it comes to yachting. The island is known for its legendary Costa Smeralda or the “Emerald Coast” but is also full of other places to discover that truly make Sardinia a sailing paradise. Sardinia is an outstanding...
The wind, this invisible force, personified and divinized in mythology and religion, has been harnessed throughout human history. The earliest recorded evidence of wind energy being used dates to around 5000 BC in Egypt, where the sail was invented to catch the wind and propel boats along the River...

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