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St Martin (Sint Maarten) is sunny and warm all year round, with average temperatures varying little throughout the year. Temperatures in range from 72-86°F (22-30°C). The winds blow a fairly regular 15 knots from mid-March to mid-April. Showers can be expected at any time of year but rainstorms pass quickly. There is one season for hurricanes: between July through November with the highest probability in early September.

3 Luxury Yachts to Charter in Saint Martin

Are you planning to spend your vacation in one of the Caribbean islands but still wondering which island to choose and which yacht to select? Visit the island of Saint Martin and live a one-of-a-kind experience!   Why visit Saint Martin? Located in the heart of the Caribbean,

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I went to Saint Martin with my wife and some friends.. We knew that we would enjoy it, but really, it was for me the perfect location for a vacation ! It really exceeded our expectations: the perfect weather, the beaches, the heavenly outlooks.. Plus, discovering it sailing.. Perfect. Unforgettable. I'll definitely do it again !

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St Martin has a breathtaking scenery all around. A must visit and explore!

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Catana Catamaran Bali 4.3
Bali 4.3
Catana Catamaran
Fountaine Pajot Orana 44
Orana 44
Fountaine Pajot
Catana Catamaran Bali 4.5
Bali 4.5
Catana Catamaran
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 450
Lagoon 450
Lagoon Catamaran
Fountaine Pajot Salina 48
Salina 48
Fountaine Pajot
Catana Catamaran Catana 50 OC
Catana 50 OC
Catana Catamaran
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509
Sun Odyssey 509
Catana Catamaran Catana 47 OC
Catana 47 OC
Catana Catamaran

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