Top 6 Motoryachts Around 80 feet


Motor Yachts come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size is certainly an individual decision based on the goals and the budget of the future charterer or owner. However, there is a recognisable trend and that is what this post is all about.


The figures are clear, the (around) 80 feet motor yacht is one of the fastest growing superyacht categories. But what are the main reasons for this booming popularity?

Great living spaces on board: affordable luxury

The interior layout of yachts in the 80 feet range can vary widely depending on the model. However, as a general rule, the living spaces are spacious and designed for pure comfort, which also makes them suitable for entertaining. 

Short-handed crew: more privacy & money saving 

Many yachts in this line are equipped with very modern technology and can be operated “short-handed”, in a word, with a restricted crew. The two main reasons why short-handed has grown in popularity are: large crews can be costly and restricted crew means more privacy.

Ease of mooring: peace of mind

One would think that docking is the biggest concern for 80 feet motor yachts, above all with restricted crew.  Not at all! Its modern conveniences turn this into a “no-worries” area.


Always at the cutting edge of trends to better meet its clients’ expectations, WI offers a large selection of motor yachts in this range. Here is a selection of our most popular shipyards: 

6 motoryachts, 6 styles, 6 good reasons to like each one of them.


The best for families & party 

This classical Italian Yacht, manufactured in 1990, has been completely refitted and modernised in 2021. With her 3 cabins which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests, the San Lorenzo ALL WE NEED is the perfect option for a family getaway. Moreover, the 3 crew has their own separate quarters allowing guests to enjoy increased levels of privacy. Last but not least, the interior of the yacht, very spacious and luminous, are bathed in a serene and soothing atmosphere.

3 cabins / 6 guests – Available in: Corsica/ French Riviera

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The best for entertainment

Ferretti Yachts fleet is well known for its rich mix of comfort, safety and fine design with high-tech innovation.  Built in 2000, refitted in 2016, MARY is a beautiful Ferretti 68 motor yacht. She offers excellent indoor and outdoor living spaces. With four cabins and three bathrooms, it’s ideal for a party of up to eight guests. Thanks to her planing hull, she has impressive speed, great efficiency and can comfortably cruise at 24 knots. Mary offers a wide selection of toys guaranteeing the guests hours of fun in and on the water.

4 cabins / 8 guests – Available in: Cyclades, Dodecanese, Greece


The best combo for world-class diving and 5-star hotel service

Built in 1989, Ajao’s design and fittings ensure guests can explore the ocean’s wonders. Indeed, she is not only a real luxury yacht, but she is also a fully equipped diving vessel that can accommodate both recreational and technical divers. AJAO offers accommodation for up to 6 guests in 3 suites. Among the impressive features, the Wi-Fi allows the guests to stay connected at all times and the air conditioning keeps them comfortable, whatever the weather!

3 cabins / 6 guests – Available in Thailand – Malaysia – Myanmar


The best for fun & performance

Toys, adrenaline and sound. These three words truly characterise the Mangusta 108 – JFF. The powerful sound system, the amazing collection of water toys and the 37 knots in top speed, enough to offer adrenaline to all guests: no doubt, the Mangusta 108 – JFF is the perfect choice for fun and party. But that’s not all. Refitted in 2018, this luxury motor yacht provides a generous accommodation for up to 8 guests in 3 staterooms and a lounge area that can be converted into additional sleeping accommodation. Her timeless elegance combines perfectly with her beautiful furniture and fittings to create a warm and luxurious ambience. The living room, its lounge and its bar, encourage convivial and festive evenings.

3 cabins / 6 to 8 guests: guests Available in: Corsica, France, Italy

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The best volume and space

The PEARL 75 – SUMMER BREEZE received the International Yacht & Aviation award for “best yacht under 25 metres”. Its innovative design offers more features than any of its competitors and has the volume and space of a 85-foot vessel in a 75-foot shell. She is perfect to welcome friends or a family of 8, thanks to her 4 spacious en-suite rooms beautifully designed and furnished by renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen. Last but not least, to enjoy the thrill of water sports, the Pearl 75 Summer Breeze offers a fantastic collection of toys including a jet ski and sea bobs, not to mention its hydraulic bathing platform which provides easy access to the water.

4 cabins / 8 guests – Available in: Corsica, French Riviera


The best for sophisticated comfort 
The recently launched Magellano 25 Metri is a masterpiece. This beautiful blend of design and technology boasts levels of onboard comfort that one would normally only find in much larger yachts. One of many examples, the vibration-free “hotel mode”, unusual for a yacht this size, allows onboard functions to work without using the generators. You will enjoy the sound of silence.

4 cabins / 8 guests

Enjoy Azimut Magellano BOLLINGER, she will take you out on the coast of Croatia, she includes a roomy four-cabin layout, an enlarged flybridge, and a deck Jacuzzi—the only Jacuzzi on a boat of this size.

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The 80-ft yacht range market, always in full evolution, is exciting. Consequently it is quite a challenge to stay on top of what is new. Reap the benefits of our expertise and 23 years of experience; do not hesitate to contact us.