Yacht Slide: is it worth it?


The yacht slide is a yacht toy that is hard to miss when your yacht charter is equipped. Among all the activities available on a boat, this is without a doubt one of the most fun and family friendly one.

Why should you consider a yacht slide? 

When thinking of renting a boat, you will consider many features; the yacht itself, the number of passengers, the equipment, and without any doubt, the water toys available on board. 

After all, you’re there for fun! Water toys are sometimes overlooked, while clearly they are a big part of the yacht charter experience. If you plan to leave your marina, chances are you will have holidays in a natural playground and it’s more than recommended that you have the toys that are adapted to the areas you plan on visiting.

A yacht or a superyacht with an inflatable slide is ideal for yacht charters in secluded and quiet bays. It then becomes both easy and fun to go in the water. Your kayak, jetski, snorkelling or stand up paddle is only a slide away!

Let’s face it, we all say we equip our yachts with an inflatable slide for our children, but many (if not all) grown ups also enjoy an inflatable slide onboard!

Cruiser slide catamaran yacht charter

What are the slides you can find on yachts and superyachts?

Most slides you will find on yachts are inflatable, so that they do not take too much storage space and do not disturb the sailing experience.

Inflatable yacht slides are usually positioned on the highest position available on the deck, or the flybridge, in order to generate as much speed as possible. Of course, the final height of the slide depends a lot on the yacht you are chartering, and the type of slide it has on board. The biggest slides installed on yachts are nearly 15 meters high, so you don’t have to worry if you plan on chartering a superyacht..

Regarding the shape of the slides, most are straight to go down in the water as fast as possible, but some have curves and are a bit more fancy to vary the sliding sensations.

How to charter a yacht with a slide?

Some yachts are equipped with slides, some are not. If you plan to charter a yacht that doesn’t have a slide on board, don’t worry. Your yacht charter company should be able to add a slide (or any other toy) on your yacht charter if your yacht can be equipped with it.

Most inflatable slides are adjustable and can be adapted to the boat you are renting. It usually takes between 15 minutes and an hour to set up the slide. Your yacht crew is here to install the slide correctly and safely to make sure everyone is having fun without risk.

The freestlye cruiser: a popular slide for yacht charters

The Freestyle cruiser is a high slide that will make you experience an exhilarating drop down from the yacht’s top deck. It can stretch to up to 60 feet above the water and a 45-degree drop.

Cruiser slide yacht charter shark

It is an ultimate warranty of thrills, fun, rush of adrenaline that suits all family members, both kids, and adults. Get ready for hours of fun and laughter!

The Freestyle Cruiser slides are the first custom made, inflatable water slides for the yachting industry in the world. Each Freestyle Cruiser matches a specific yacht or superyacht’s specifications.

Many Freestyle cruiser models are available, such as XS, IS, LS (Leg Supported), or Non-Leg Supported (NLS) and the newly released Hybrid version. 

The cruiser slide can be deployed in 15 min and retrieved it in 20 min. So you don’t have to wait much to enjoy the water toy. It is made of a gloss coated PVC sliding surface to make the fastest slide possible.

Cruiser slide yacht charter Aurelia

Explore the Mediterranean with Aurelia, the 37-m Superyacht

In 2002, Freestyle Slides was the first company to produce custom made, sealed-air inflatable water slides for yachts. They hung a giant slide of the roof of the Monaco Yacht Club in 2014 to get publicity.

Since then there are others brands that also create inflatable water toys such as FunAir.

Final words

No words can substitute the real and authentic experience of going down the top of your chartered yacht at full speed.

So is a yacht slide worth it on a yacht or a superyacht charter? Well, get a slide for your next yacht charter and see the result by yourself. In our opinion, it’s a no brainer!


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