5 Travel Tips to Keep in Mind for a Successful Mediterranean Vacation

Mediterranean Vacation : 5 Travel Tips to Keep on Mind

Some people will take the same Mediterranean trip each year. They have their routine, their favorite hotels, and their fixed itinerary. But there are so many alternative options out such as crewed luxury yacht experience, a beach holiday, a city break, or much more. Here are 5 travel tips to keep on mind for a successful Mediterranean vacation.

1- If you want a luxury break in the Mediterranean, there are some destinations that are more excessive then others.

Some travelers feel the need to indulge when they head over to the Mediterranean – and it is easy to see why with so many high-end resorts and major cities.

Monaco vacation

There is plenty of choices here. Some of the major cities in Italy and the south of France offer great shopping experiences. The islands across the Mediterranean have some high-end resorts for a little rest.

Then there is Monaco. This beautiful town/country the retreat for the rich and famous and ideal for racing fans with some money to spend. Browse your options in different countries to see what sort of luxury break you can have on your budget.

2- Italy and the south of France aren’t the only romantic destinations for a honeymoon.

There are some stereotypical destinations when it comes to picking a location for a honeymoon. Italy often comes out on top in the Mediterranean because of the significant cities’ atmosphere and culture. It is difficult to beat the romance of Rome or Venice

santorini vacation

However, there are many great resorts across the Mediterranean where you can relax with your new spouse. Enjoy the facilities of top hotels, excellent food in a fine restaurant, and have a lot of fun. Why not consider Greece for honeymoon plans, with a trip to one of its many islands?

3- Consider somewhere a little less ordinary for a new adventure.

The Mediterranean region is vast. It is too easy to focus on the coastlines of the mainland, Central Europe, when booking a trip. But why not venture further east this time? There are some stunning locations on the coasts of countries such as Turkey and Croatia

Dubrovnik vacation

In fact, there are some great marinas in Croatia that offer a starting point for one of those crewed yacht adventures. Then there are all of the islands scattered through the sea like Malta, Cyprus and Crete.


4- Make sure that you research the beaches and coves before you go.

There are many lists online that highlight some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. They will talk about the views, the amenities, the quality of the sand and the swimming opportunities.

Beach Mediterranean

They may not always mention the distance from the resort or the hoards of visitors that crowd the shores. Research some of the quieter coves if you want a more relaxed experience.

Also, don’t forget that there are many nude beaches in the Mediterranean. If that is what you are after, check out our selection of the Best Nude Beaches in the Mediterranean.


5- If in doubt, most countries offer incredible yacht charters.

A yacht charter in Italy is a beautiful way to see the country. You can book a yacht for the family – or just you and your partner – and travel between some of the best marinas, beaches, and islands of this beautiful coast.

Luxury Yacht charter Greece

There are also plenty of other yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean that offer this luxury experience too. You can island hop off the coast of Greece, enjoy water sports in the bays of France or the sunsets of CroatiaMalta, or so much more.

The most important thing to remember about travel tips for booking a Mediterranean vacation is to take your time to browse different options. You could go all out in Monaco, but there are other cheaper luxury destinations.

You could go on a honeymoon to Venice or France, but why not sample Greece’s atmosphere or a lesser-known island?

Once you start browsing destinations with a more open mind, you will see that there are adventures to be head right across the region. Find the weird and wonderful somewhere that is new and exciting.


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