10 Reasons to Choose a Crewed Luxury Yacht Charter

Crewed Luxury Yacht Charter

The idea of a luxury yacht charter is heaven to those that love to sail but don’t want the stress of a self-catered holiday. There is also a wonderful alternative for families that aren’t sure about the cruise ship experience. There are lots of reasons to take the pressure off and turn to a crewed luxury yacht charter. Here are 10 of the best:


1. A clear itinerary.

It is possible to choose a crewed yacht with a plan of action and destinations for each day. This will help you see as much of the coastline as possible. It is clear, but also more flexible than those of cruises.


2. A skilled captain.

A crewed yacht means a skilled captain that knows the waters like the back of their hand. They spend most of their life on the water and know all the best spots to moor up or dive for wildlife.


3.  A skilled chef.

The best companies will also provide skilled chefs and bartenders for a great menu. You can discover new delights with 5* star produce, but also make dietary requests.


4. Personal service.

So far, the service sounds pretty much as you would expect from a larger cruise. The benefit of this option is that you only have to share the staff with your immediate family. This means no queues for drinks and plenty of personal requests.


5. On-board activities of your choosing.

Once you have rented the boat for your allotted time, the activities and entertainment options are down to you. You can bring whatever you want, within reason and perhaps create a party for a special occasion.


6. Some of the best luxury crewed yachts also provide equipment.

The equipment available on-board the yacht will depend on the company, the size of the vessel and the amount paid. But, there are some that offer some great watersports equipment for a little water play off the back of the boat.


7. Swimming and diving when and where you want.

A cruise ship may have a great indoor pool, but it’s not the same as diving into Mediterranean waters from your own boat. A crewed luxury yacht charter may have an itinerary, but they are flexible in what happens between destinations.


8. You can stay up late and not bother anyone.

A personal charter with friends means you can stay late for an extra cocktail and not worry about annoying people in the cabin next door. You may still annoy them, but at least it’s a family member, not a stranger that has paid a lot of money for a ticket.


9. Lower costs.

On the subject of money, these charted trips don’t have to cost that much if everyone chips in. You all pay your share for the length of the holiday and worry about other expenses as you go.


10. Greater freedom.

The last, and perhaps most important benefit is the freedom to choose. You can stay at a destination a little longer, detour and watch wildlife and not worry about the strict schedules of other cruising companies.

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