10 Reasons to Charter a Crewed Luxury Yacht

Crewed Luxury Yacht Charter

You are not average. So, stay away from the crowded cruise ship and forget about the overpriced luxury resort. A crewed yacht charter provides the ultimate luxury vacation on the water. 

A superyacht is a boutique hotel afloat ready to fulfill your wildest dreams. On a crewed charter, no previous sailing experience is required.


You only need to aim for the best whether you are looking for a small private honeymoon sailing holiday or a significant corporate event.

What does a typical crewed charter look like?

It is an all-inclusive vacation on the water on a superyacht where the professional crew provides a 5-star hotel service for you and your guests to make your travel unforgettable.

There are several types of superyachts: 

Each boat and each crew presents unique features. Here are the ten reasons why you should rent a crewed yacht.

1 – Luxury equipment for the ultimate comfort

Experience the lavish world of yachting on one of our vessels. We select them for their excellent reliability, state of the art facilities, luxurious interiors, modern fixtures, and equipment. 

Some yacht includes a room that recreates an authentic cinema atmosphere. You can also enjoy satellite television if you want to watch specific channels. 

Catamarans provide large sun deck and sprawling outdoor lounge.

Moreover, most motoryacht charters are usually large enough to include a Jacuzzi on deck to relax during the day. 

Some motorboat charter also provides a private gym for your daily workout if you need to stay in shape.

2 – Exceptional destinations

Even in the most dramatically positioned hotel, your view won’t be as striking after two days. Luxury Resorts and Villas can’t rival the variety and versatility of a motor yacht charter. 

Our experienced captain will show you beaches and scenes that you can’t see from the shore. Discover small remote coves, picturesque islands, and isolated beaches only approachable by boat. 

Go off the beaten track and stay away from the famous locations on the same few big islands equipped to handle mass tourism.

Wake up in exceptional anchorages and hope from island to stunning destinations that suit your activities. Thanks to their perfect knowledge of the area, the charter yacht crews can easily create flexible itineraries.

3 – Food and Drinks

Chartering a crewed luxury yacht is all about customization. 

We’ll ask you what you’d like to eat and tailor it to your preferences. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, or you only eat Kosher foods, our chef can cook fine cuisine. 

He can adapt the dish to your food preferences, and allow you to discover local culinary delights. 

If you are an avid fisherman, he can also prepare the catch of the day. You can dine on the deck beneath the stars or in your yacht luxury dining room.

You can also plan outstanding dining on board. Imagine yourself celebrating your 50th birthday with your family and close friends on the yacht of your dreams!

4 – Thrilling Activities

On a cruise ship, you only have limited activities since you have to share the facilities with thousands of others. 

So, you end up doing what you don’t necessarily want to do that day. In a hotel resort, you will experience the same place and do the same activities day after day. You’ll explore the same reef, see the same fish, admire the same view.

Each superyacht offers several water toys: wave runners or jet ski, a tender, paddle, snorkeling, and scuba diving equipment. 

Your only hassle is to define the activities you want to try during your vacations and select the catamaran charter according to it. We are here to help you to pick the perfect yacht for what you have in mind.

5 – Personal service

Vacations offer the perfect occasion to try something new. 

On a cruise ship, you’ll have a mass lecture if you are lucky. Or, you’ll be handed the equipment in line and told to figure it out. In a hotel resort, you’ll share your instructor with every other guest.

Discover the Best Dive Spots in Italy

On a crewed power catamaran charter, you’ll have personalized instruction in windsurfing, diving, kayaking. The professional crew is on call when needed. 

For example, an onboard Dive Master can guide already certified divers around the most exciting dive sites for their level. 

6 – Freedom and Flexibility

When you rent a crewed superyacht, you set the pace. The speed of a motor boat allows us to cover more distance and explore the more remote island. 

You can stay at a destination a little longer, make a detour, and watch wildlife without worrying about the strict schedules of other cruising companies. 

Your location can change if you like a particular island, or find something interesting along the way. You are on a floating luxury resort where the scenery always changes. 

If the weather turns, you can move to another island to enjoy the sun or try a new fast-paced water activity.

7 – Sailing without the hassle

Sailing vacation is about experiencing the sea, feeling the winds shifts, and currents to optimize the boat speed. But when you are on a cruise ship, you can’t even tell if you are on a boat. The deck is 100’ above the water.


On a crewed catamaran, you can do as much or as little sailing as you want. Experience the joy of sailing: steer, hoist, and trim. You can ask the captain any questions about tacking, jibing, or anything else. 

But if you don’t want to take the wheel, you can also sit back. Unwind and enjoy the present moment.

8 – The best cost-quality ratio

A Crewed yacht charter delivers the ultimate all-inclusive vacation for everyone, from friends to family reunions, Honeymooners to Corporate retreats. It also has the best cost-benefit ratio. 

At all-inclusive resorts, you pay for everything, whether you use it or not. On a cruise ship, you will pay extra for every drink, including sodas. Instead, select a yacht with what you want, so you don’t pay for things you don’t need.

Since the crew lives on board, they take extra care of the yacht and make sure everything is excellent. So, you don’t have to worry about the equipment quality!

9 – Space and intimacy

When you charter a bareboat, the sailing skills of the captain and your group limit your yacht size. With a crewed yacht, you can charter a ship that’s larger than you’re comfortable handling. You do not have to have any sailing experience at all. 


The crewed yachts are much larger than the available charter in our bareboat fleet. The spacious cabins often include a dressing room and ensuite bathroom.

Power catamarans are extremely popular, with roomy interiors and lots of deck space. Make yourself at home and enjoy the five-star service of the crew. They will stay discrete and respect your privacy so that you can enjoy your time with your guests.

Of course, the size of your crewed charter yacht depends on your budget, but you will enjoy the extra space and luxury you can find on the larger crewed yachts.

10 – Relax on a fully crewed charter

As a sport, sailing is often equivalent to an adventurous lifestyle and racing cups. On a bareboat rental, you have to take care of provisioning, cooking, and cleaning. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort to experience thrilling adventures on a luxury sailing yacht with a crew aboard. 

Our professional team will attend to your requirements to deliver a secure, pleasant, and hassle-free holiday. Many of our seasoned professional partners speak multiple languages.

Whether you are an experienced boater or want to discover the yachting lifestyle, we can match your specific needs and interests with a hand-tailored sailing vacation. 

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For more than two decades, our attention to detail ensures our clients the best private yacht charter getaway. So let us provide you free advice for your best vacation.


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