The Best Nude Beaches in the Mediterranean


Nothing is better than sunbathing on the sand for a perfect tan and living in the moment. Some great nude beaches across the Mediterranean can feed your naturist needs.

Whether you’re a nudistnaturist, or you like being naked to experience a different sensory experience in an idyllic setting, today, we’ll be leading you to some of the most popular naturist destinations.

If there is one place to relax during the summer holidays, it’s on the beach. Whether you are strolling up and down the beach naked, or laying there to soak up the sun, you will feel totally at ease on these clothing-optional beaches. We have selected the best spots in the Mediterranean for you.

Tahiti Beach – Saint-Tropez, France

While chartering a cataraman on the French Riviera, you can discover glamourous cities and several free beaches.

As nudist culture became increasingly important in the 1960s, many travelers turned to Saint Tropez in France . Its famous Plage de Tahiti is one of the most iconic nude beaches.

Just a few minutes from the city center, the area is part of Pampelonne beach and it stretches between St Tropez and Ramamtuelle. The white shores provide the location for the famous movie starring Brigitte Bardot, Et Dieu… Créa La Femme (“And God Created Woman”).

Enjoy the the splendid views on the glamourous French Riviera. It is the ideal place to relax and forget all the hassle.

Linguizzetta Beach – Corsica, France

While cruising around Corsica, you’ll be amazed by the stunning landscapes of this French island. Known as the “Island of Beauty”, this little Mediterranean gem has some areas where naturism is tolerated.

Some are in the Gulf of Ajaccio. There is also a nudist cove in Porto Vecchio in the southern east coast. The most welcoming Corsican resort for nudists is the Linguizzetta beach.

Located on the East coast, this resort provides an ideal selection to activities and amenities enjoy the sea and the sun. As a holiday retreat, this resort leads to several campsites just a few steps away. It has several beaches and the three main ones are Chiosura, Tropica, and Bagheera.

While the first two welcome mixed public, Bagheera is a vast and wild area reserved for nudists. The Bagheera resort is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery.

Rich in natural wildlife, the beaches will lead you to different settings. Between maquis and eucalyptus, blond dunes, or a more touristic structure, it’s up to you.

Playa d’Es Cavallet – Ibiza, Spain

There a many naturist-friendly destinations on the Spanish seaside. While sailing on your boat rental, you’ll quickly notice the beautiful nude beaches.

If you are chartering a boat in the Balearic Islands, you should know that Ibiza is not all about party and nightlife. The vibrant island has also wonderful nude beaches such as Aguas Blancas and Es Trucadors.

But the most famous one is Es Cavallet. Protected by green dunes, the pristine and natural stretch of soft sand will delight the naturist enthusiasts. Since the city is only 10 min walk, this picturesque nude beach has a party vibe.

Es Cavallet is popular with celebrities as well. You may, by chance, meet one of them.

To prolong the pleasure, the famous restaurant “El Chiringuito” features delicious food specialties.

Playa Es Trenc – Mallorca, Spain

On your yacht charter in the Balearic Islands, you can be topless or totally naked to have the best sun tan. If you happen to sail in the southern part of Mallorca head to the beach of Es Trenc.

It is located a few kilometers from Palma, the main town of the Spanish island. To be near the shore, rent a catamaran in the Balearic to sail the shallow azure waters. You can reach the nudist area along the dazzling white sand.

Admire the glittering dunes overlooking the coast of Mallorca. With its crystalline waters, the beach is also perfect for snorkeling. Explore the underwater world in complete serenity.

Paradise Beach – Mykonos, Greece


Greece has no official nudist beaches. In reality, the island of Mykonos features a nude and topless area : Paradise Beach.

This islands will welcome you for a memorable vacation along the magnificent coasts. So, get ready to cruise the most beautiful waters and live a unique experience in a heavenly setting where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere.

While you are traveling in the Cyclades islands, try to go to this Greek jewel. During the 1960s, hippies launched nude bathing at this specific beach.

It became a party destination and nowadays, Paradise Beach is still a festive nude beach, punctuated by lively music from popular bars.

An entertaining area offers many activities to make the experience even better. When the sun sets, do not miss meeting your friends for a cocktail on your yacht charter on the Aegan Sea.

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Red Beach – Crete, Greece

There are several Red Beach in Greece. So, if you want to experience a nude beach on your sailing vacations, be sure to go to the right island.

The most beautiful nudist-friendly beach is nestled between hills in southern Crete. The best to access this nude beach is by the sea on your yacht tender or a water toy.

This Red Beach is also one of those areas that all beach lovers want to experience. The red sands, striking cliffs, and sheltered locations are beautiful in the summer sun.

The excellent news for nudists is that they got there first. Red Beach is the ideal spot for those staying in Matala that want the very best in nude destinations.

Select your favorite yacht among our luxury yachts to charter in Greece and experience a total fusion with nature.

Mirtiotissa Beach – Corfu, Greece

If you are cruising in the Ionian Sea, you can experience a clothing-optional beach. Close to the famous Glyfada Beach, but incredibly better, Mirtiotissa Beach is considered one of the most beautiful shores in Europe.

Still isolated and preserved, this free beach features sandy heaven encompassed by the majestic scenery of impressive lush green cliffs and crystalline waters.

Hidden in a small cove between Pelekas and Glyfada, the enchanting nude beach fits three zones. The naturists tend to stay on the left or the right, which allows the dressed swimmers to enjoy the peaceful middle section.

Acquarilli Beach – Tuscany, Italy

Immerse yourself in the deep blue waters, sunbathe and spend memorable times with your partner or friends in Italy!

Not primarily known for its nude beaches, Italy is nevertheless full of superb spots. It is home to some of the most beautiful nudist beaches in the Mediterranean region, stretching from the north to the south of the land, such as Torre Pozzella and Santa Lucia in the Province of Brindisi, Lido di Siponto in Gargano, Torre Calderina and Torre Incina in Bari and Porto Selvaggio in Salento.

Among all the spots available to get a full tan, sail to Elba with your Tuscany yacht charter.

On the Island of Elba, Acquarilli beach (Spiaggia Acquarilli) in Capoliveri is the first place to cater exclusively to naturists. This tranquil nude beach is 300 meters long and features black sand and pebbles.

Garrigue and lush Mediterranean bush cover the surrounding cliffs. The emerald green water is unbelievably transparent and perfect for snorkeling lovers.

For a breathtaking view, go on the top of the peninsula to discover the Golfo Stella and maybe Montecristo Island.

Valalta Rovinj, Croatia

Known worldwide as one of the most impressive Mediterranean spots, Croatia is renowned for holding some of the best naturist spots. The naturist trend emerged in Croatia since the early 1930s.

With almost 30 naturist beaches, many of which still wild and only accessible by boat, Croatia is the perfect destination for an ideal sailing holiday.

Not to mention its mild climate and sunny summer days, as well as its amazing views. You will undoubtedly have one of the most alluring experiences ever.

Among the naturist parks in Croatia, the most famous are Valalta, Solaris and Koversada. Located in Istria, Valalta does not just have a sizeable nude beach. It has an excellent nude resort, well-known as the blue-green Mediterranean oasis for naturists.

The local tourist board knows how to look after its clientele here. Visitors to this Croatian destination can laze on the sand, take a drink at the swim-up bar, or explore the on-site brewery. 

You can chill out every day on the beach or around the pool. You can also experience one of the five restaurants on-site and be naked during lunchtime. Therefore, this area is an excellent option for those after a more extensive holiday experience.

Windward Islands Travel offers a selection of the most luxurious yachts to charter in Croatia. You can cruise its most beautiful beaches and live a nudist experience in fascinating spots there.

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