Mediterranean Yacht Charters: The Full Price List


A yacht charter in the Mediterranean is a great way to delve into the wonders of this breathtaking region, where endless summer sunsets await and a rich tapestry of culture beckons at every turn.

Knowing the true price of a yacht charter in the Mediterranean isn’t always as simple as it should be. The region is made out of different countries with different rules, VAT and costs of living, and the same yacht can be chartered at a very different price depending on several variables that you should be aware of.

Here is a breakdown of the prices to expect if you want to rent a boat in the Mediterranean, along with some insider tips from us if you want to sail in the region “on a budget”. 

What are the factors that influence the price of a yacht charter in the Mediterranean?

It’s important to know the different factors that can influence the price of a yacht charter in the Mediterranean region. With all the variables clearly laid out, you will be able to make more informed decisions and play with one variable over the other to adjust your yacht charter to your budget.

The type of yacht you want to charter in the Mediterranean: a yacht is a broad word covering a wide range of budgets

The yacht you are going to charter is the variable that will likely influence the most the total cost of your yacht charter.

The Mediterranean region has a very broad selection of yacht available for rental, and the price range is simply huge: from 700€ a week for the cheapest bareboat rentals up to more than 1,000,000€ a week for the biggest superyachts.

In most cases in the Mediterranean, the bigger the yacht, the higher the price. Longer yachts have more crew to operate them, use more fuel and are generally more high maintenance than the smaller ones. The APA of a yacht rental is directly proportional to its base-fee, so be prepared to have a higher APA with a bigger yacht.

The demand for specific yachts can also significantly increase the price of the yacht. This is especially true for bigger / historical yachts that have their followers, and less the case for bareboat rentals.

The destination (and country) of your Mediterranean yacht charter: a big influence on the final price

Where you are going to sail your yacht has a big influence on the total cost of your charter. It would be a mistake to think of the Mediterranean region as a place where prices are more or less unified.

There are big price differences between Mediterranean countries due to various reasons: 

  • Regulations (VAT, taxes…) that influence transactions in general or sailing in particular
  • Labour costs: minimum salary can be multiplied by 5 depending on your country around the Mediterranean belt
  • Demand: some destinations are in very high demand with very limited offer, some don’t have this issue
  • Exclusivity: some parts of the Mediterranean are more luxurious, more private and more “selective” than others, which makes the prices go up

So, even if you spend most of your time onboard your chartered yacht, the rental price of the same boat in different countries can vary quite significantly as moorings, taxes, staff and on-land activities in general won’t necessarily cost the same.

How luxurious you want your yacht charter to be: an important variable for the final price

The base fee of a yacht charter usually only covers the cost of chartering the yacht itself. You need to add the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) on top of it to cover the variable costs.

The APA is directly proportional to your yacht (so usually the bigger the yacht the higher the APA), but also to how luxurious you want your charter to be.

If you want to eat luxurious food and high-end alcohol during your yacht rental, expect to pay a little more than if you go for simplicity.

To know more about the price of chartering luxury yachts, we highly recommend you to read “How much does it cost to rent a yacht?“, or to use our calculator below to get a free estimate based on a yacht you’ve seen and/or your budget.

The season: the price of yacht rentals aren’t stable throughout the year in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a very seasonal region, and the yacht rental market isn’t an exception.

The Summer season is by far the most popular time to discover the Mediterranean area. In consequence, people come from all over the world to travel to the France Riviera, Italy, Greece or the Balearics during that time of the year. Most prices are at their highest during Summer: hotels, plane tickets, but also yacht rentals.

The shoulder season, which is from April to June and September to October, is also a popular choice. The weather is usually pleasant, the crowds on the lower end, and prices are more budget-friendly. A good “budget vs weather” compromise.

Winter in Europe is by far the lowest season in the Mediterranean, and the best one to enjoy the biggest deals if you are not hunting for the hottest temperatures and sunniest weather.

The below example with Greece is a great illustration of weather, season and hence price variability of yachts charters in the Mediterranean.

Meteo in Greece during the year

How late (or early) you are when you are booking your yacht: something you shouldn’t sleep on in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region has the same issue as most yachting hotspots in the world: the boats available for rental are in limited numbers. On top of it, as we previously mentioned, the season is much shorter in the Mediterranean than in other regions such as the Caribbean.

It can therefore be wise to book a lot in advance of a yacht charter in high season if she is usually in demand, as the chances of her being booked at your dates are high.

On the other hand, last minute bookings are also a way to enjoy good deals with the boats that haven’t been booked or that got cancelled. You sacrifice being picky on the boat you rent and on planning in advance your trip, but you might save up a little in return.

What is the minimum price to rent a yacht in the Mediterranean region (yacht base-fee only)?

Now that we have the variables out of the way, here are some of the minimum prices you can expect for yacht charters in the Mediterranean region. The prices below do not include expenses and APA. 

1,200€ / week: the minimum price for bareboat yacht rentals in Mediterranean

Bareboat charter

If you have the qualifications to sail a boat yourself without a skipper, you can start renting a yacht from 1200€ / week in the Mediterranean region.

At this price, you usually have a simple sailboat for up to 6 passengers, and you are more likely to be in the Eastern regions of the Mediterranean, such as Croatia or Turkey, although you can still find great deals at very similar costs in more expensive countries such as France.

2,500€ / week: the minimum price to rent a yacht with a skipper in the Mediterranean region

If you need an experienced skipper to safely sail your yacht during your charter, the minimum price is around the 2,500€ / week throughout the Mediterranean region.

The price of the skipper can vary significantly depending on the country and the season you are sailing. Some Mediterranean countries may have cheapear labour costs than others, but the demand can influence the price both up and down.

8,000€ / week: the starting price for fully crewed yachts in the Mediterranean

For a luxury yacht with a full crew in the Mediterranean region, the low end price is around the 8,000€ mark per week for sailing yacht and sailing catamarans. 

Above 15,000€ / week, you start to be in luxury yacht charters territory, with longer yachts and/or more staff to add luxury to your experience.

The cost to charter superyachts in the Mediterranean starts at around 50,000€ / week with no upper limit.

Yacht charter price range in the Mediterranean (EUR per week incl. taxes & food & beverage)

If you want to know the price ranges of a yacht charter in the Mediterranean, here is the full breakdown based on the type of yacht, its size and including the usual variable costs (Food & Beverage, APA, VAT, taxes etc…)

Keep in mind: these are ranges. You will find a lot more yachts available for rental in the middle of these price ranges rather than at their extremities. 

Vessel sizeSailboatCatamaran or TrimaranTrimaranMotor Yacht
Less than 52ft ( 20m) bareboat€1,500- €8,000€2,500 – €15,000€5,000-€14,000
Less than 52ft ( 20m) skipperedA skipper in the Mediterranean costs approximately €150 to €300/day
54ft-78ft (17-24m) with crew€8,000 – €40,000€15,000 – €75,000N/A€20,000 – €70,000
78ft- 100ft (24-30m) with crew€15,000-€70,000€75,000-€100,000N/A€40,000-€90,000
Superyacht over 100ft (30m)From €80,000From €150,000N/Afrom €150,000
Mega yacht over 196ft (60m)From €150,000N/AN/Afrom €260,000

Want to see the prices of our yachts available in the Mediterranean region? Check them directly here and filter according to your criterias.

Our tips to decrease the total cost of your yacht charter in the Mediterranean

There are several ways to decrease the total cost of your yacht charter in the Mediterranean region. Here are some tips.

Pick a Mediterranean country where the cost of living is on the lower end

The cost of living can influence the total budget of your sailing holidays. It can therefore be smarter to pick one of the cheap Mediterranean countries for your yacht charter, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time on-land, which can increase your mooring fees and activities prices.

Most affordable regions in the Mediterranean for yacht rental

Here is a list of regions where the cost of living is lower and/or that are less popular than most famous Mediterranean yachting hotspots:

Expensive regions in the Mediterranean that you might want to avoid if you are on a budget

The following regions in the Mediterranean tend to be the most expensive, which can get even worse in the highest season:

Charter a yacht in the Mediterranean during the shoulder season to get great deals

A great way to save money but still enjoy the wonders of the Mediterranean region is to rent a yacht during the shoulder season.

The further you are from the main summer months (July-August) and the likelier you are to find big discounts. Keep an eye on our exlusive offers if you are looking for a good deal.

Many yachts are simply never rented out during winter and the months around it, and so their owners are willing to discount their prices drastically for the adventurous sailor.

The shoulder season in the Mediterranean, especially May-June and September-October, is a time where the weather is still very nice, most tourists are gone and the price much more affordable. You do need to sacrifice a bit of heat and sun, but the gamble usually pays off!

A big yacht isn’t always better than a small yacht

If you want to charter a yacht on a budget, do not feel shy to go towards smaller yachts.

Bigger yachts aren’t always the answer to everything. Sure, they are usually more comfortable and more luxurious than the smaller ones, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on shorter boats.

The sailing feelings can be very thrilling and sometimes even more intense on a smaller yacht than on bigger ones. A small group of friends or family members and an experienced skipper is usually more than enough to be a guarantee to have the time of your life during a yacht charter around the Mediterranean.


There is no “one size fits all” budget when it comes to yacht charters prices in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is a huge sailing playground covering several countries with different regulations and levels of popularity and exclusivity.

One sure is certain though, the Mediterranean doesn’t have any shortage in terms of areas that can be explored on a yacht! With all the kind of yachts available for rental in the region, you are sure to find one that suits your need and your budget.

Contact our team if you want to receive more details about a Mediterranean yacht charter.