7 Reasons to charter a yacht in Martinique


Martinique is a beautiful paradise that draws in tourists in the need for a relaxing vacation in the sun. There are many ways to enjoy the different sites and experiences on offer here. One of the most rewarding has to be a via a crewed yacht charter. A luxury yacht charter can offer many benefits for people exploring the islands of Martinique. Here are 7 reasons to book one for your next visit.

1. A luxury yacht charter means precisely that.

First and foremost, these luxury charters are crewed experiences with the very best facilities and staff. This means a captain that will offer safe passage between destinations, as well as chefs and bar staff that can serve meals and cocktails. Guests don’t have to worry about stocking up the boat with supplies or taking care of the cabins. This means a more 5-star experience with some once-in-a-lifetime moments. This means that everyone in the group can relax and truly pamper themselves for the week ahead.

2. Local knowledge of the best sites.

The guidebooks on Martinique will all provide some helpful insight into top destinations and attractions. However, these beaches and ports can sometimes be a little crowded because they are such tourist hotspots. A luxury charter with a Martinique crew lets you explore areas that other tourists may not see. They may know of diving and fishing sites that could be more peaceful and plentiful.

3. A taste of the local language.

This local knowledge can also extend to the local language in Martinique. Many people speak French here, and you will see this a lot on signs and place names. A good command of French will be welcomed here, although the locals are pretty good at English too. However, many also speak Creole. It may be fun to learn some phrases in this hybrid language from the local crew. This may also help when ordering food from local restaurants on-shore. This knowledge isn’t essential, but it does help add another flavour to the trip and offer a greater understanding of the Martinique people.

4. Easy access between the islands.

There are two main islands on Martinique, connected by a bridge. Some holidaymakers will pick their destination and focus their activities around that area. They may not stray far from the hotel if there is a good beach and a bar nearby. But, these people will miss out on the diversity of this destination. A chartered yacht can access both islands and all the hidden beaches with ease. This means a great taste of the island.

5. Great opportunities for water sports.

Many people head to the beaches and coves of Martinique in order to enjoy some time on or in the water. The calm waters are great for swimming, the clear bays are ideal for snorkeling and diving, and there are also hidden coves with great waves. A chartered yacht vacation like this will help you locate the very best spots with no need to trek on land. Many boats will also carry equipment to help you enjoy the water more easily.

6. A family-friendly experience away from the busiest destinations.

A yacht charter in the Caribbean is a great way to enjoy a family holiday. Larger groups can share the boat and pick their cabins without worrying about other guests. There is the chance to bond and celebrate occasions exactly as you want, without worrying about the facilities and location. You have a little piece of the ocean to yourselves and the chance to make some great memories.

7. Reduced costs.

There are lots of great reasons to charter a yacht in Martinique. This laid-back experience brings you closer to the best locations the islands have to afford, all at a great pace. You can enjoy a holiday with family and friends and leave all the planning to the skipper. Best of all, you can add a little luxury to your Caribbean experience.

These are just some of the many reasons to choose a Martinique yacht charter for your next Caribbean holiday. These marine expeditions are a great way to see the islands and learn more about them. The experienced shared with family members will be unique and the crew will ensure that you enjoy a luxury experience all week.


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