Caribbean Yacht Charter: the Full Price List


A family holiday on a yacht in the Caribbean features endless groups of picturesque paradisiacal islands, as well as broad stretches of crystal-clear ocean. You can find an alluringly evergreen sight with a yacht rental in the Caribbean because of its lovely temperature and gorgeous beaches, which include legendary superyacht locations like Antigua, St. Barts, or the Virgin Islands.

Yacht cruising is unparalleled in its glamor and luxury. After years spent indoors, the unlimited options for exploring the most luxurious surroundings seem even more enticing. As we break from the grip of the epidemic, a private boat charter might provide the ideal retreat from the crowds for those seeking adventure. One of the most often asked questions by newbie charterers is, “How much does yacht chartering cost?” So we will answer all the common questions relating to Yacht Charter pricing in the Caribbean.

What factors influence the price of a yacht charter in the Caribbean?

An individuals owner determines the price he wants to offer for his yacht while following the market. The pricing is based on metrics like the local demand, boat length,  category, crew number and the boat age. Along with this, there are several additional factors that might considerably affect pricing. These are as follows:

1. The Caribbean destination itself

In the Caribbean, there are over a thousand islands to select from, making it arguably the most excellent location for tropical yacht charters globally. You can charter in the Caribbean in three major regions: The Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, the Windward and the Leeward islands.

Bahamas offers the Abacos islands in the north with spectacular diving and fishing spots, and the remote Exumas in the south always charming. It’s a popular region for charter from March to mid-July, temperature is always nice, and the short sailing to get from one island to another is a plus.

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The Leeward islands are no many sailors Wishlist. Old colonial islands, they offer nice architecture ashore to visit, nice beaches with flourishing corals. They are popular from December to April, and are a nice option for super yacht charter. This region stretches from the British and US Virgins Islands, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin, Saint Barth and Guadeloupe. The Caribbean Leeward islands offer a balance between the “laid back” Caribbean vision of the islands and a developed yachting structure.   

The Windward Islands are the southern islands of the lesser Antilles. They are our favorite part of the Caribbean islands. Mostly volcanic islands they offer, white and black sand beaches, turquoise water, mangroves full of a various faune, welcoming people. The Windward Islands go from Saint Lucia to Grenada. They are the marvel of the Caribbean while offering very luxurious options for ashore restaurant or concert in Mustique or Saint Lucia for example. In Mustique stop at Basil’s bar, a true institution for the past half century – has been an integral part of Mustique life. Boasting stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and serving up delicious meals, ice-cold beers, and invigorating cocktails to everyone that comes through its doors; it is no wonder why Basil’s will remain alive in folklores all over this remarkable island!

Surrounded by the glittering waters of the Caribbean, Saint Lucia plays host to a unique music experience every year with its luminous Jazz Festival. Since 1992, locals and visitors alike have flocked here for seven days of world-class jazz performances in indoor and outdoor venues across the country – celebrating everything from international favorites to island vibes.

The Greater Antilles includes the big popular islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic. While they can be reached with short flights from all over the globe, they are less popular options for charter due to the difficulties of some yacht to moor there, or less ease to sail in islands so exposed to the Atlantic Ocean.

Consequently, your charter rates can rise in popular regions of the Caribbean such as the Virgin Islands, Saint Martin or Saint Barth during the high season.

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2. The yacht you want to charter

The yacht is a significant component in defining the charter cost, although size is not the only determinant. A freshly introduced charter boat from a renowned builder with an experienced and well-liked charter crew will attract the highest pricing for its size class. Additionally, yachts with a renowned name or a legacy of famous ownership can charge a premium for their “fame.” And yachts with distinctive amenities like movies or unique water toys are also more expensive.

Furthermore, if a yacht has a space in its charter schedule, such as after an unexpected cancellation, certain brokers will sometimes provide a limited-time charter fee reduction. Don’t make pricing the only factor when choosing a private yacht. It is essential to comprehend why prices are high or low for a particular yacht and accordingly make a decision.

3. The season you want to charter the yacht

The season you are planning to charter will also affect the yacht’s pricing to a great extent. Typically, there are two season rates: peak season and low season.

Caribbean low season charter rate occurs during the summer period; however this is mainly because the hurricane seasons starts and most of the yachts will take this opportunity to do their yearly maintenance at the shipyard and where the crew take their vacation.
You can try and do a yacht doing shoulder season, between may or June, where the weather is still warm and nice and tourism less busy. 

Caribbean charters are more expensive from December to March during high season, while Mediterranean charters are most expensive during the summer.

4. How luxurious you want your experience to be

When talking about luxury experiences, private yacht charters dominate all other options. Cruise liners can’t match custom trips and individualized attention. So when you book a luxury yacht, the entire yacht crew will only be at your service. There will be no need to share activities or meals with strangers, spend time at ports of call, or re-boarding the yacht several times daily. We’re talking about the pinnacle of individuality, discretion, and control.

So this implies that it is evident that such a luxurious private yacht will be costly. All the yacht’s amenities are at your service. Larger, fancier, luxurious, and more prominent yachts typically cost more.

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What is the minimum price to charter a yacht in the Caribbean?

Depending on the charter type, the costs, amenities, and crew vary. As per your budget, comfort, and expectation, you may choose one that fulfills your idea of an ideal charter yacht. Here are some examples:

$2’000 USD is the minimum weekly price for a bareboat yacht rental

Bareboat charters are the most affordable alternative. You are responsible for fuel, food, and other expenditures, hiring the crew (or captaining the boat, if you’re licensed to do so), and paying the crew. Additionally, you may consider adding a skipper, hostess, or a mix of the two for bareboat charters. If you’re chartering a bareboat since you are licensed, you will be responsible for all aspects of navigating, sailing, mooring, and security.

Further, it is up to you to pick whether to cook or dine at local eateries along the road. Bareboat charters provide exceptional flexibility to explore whenever and wherever (weather permitting, of course), providing a unique vacation experience for the entire family.

At least one person in the group should be a seasoned sailor, or you may pre-arrange to have a captain on board if you’re visiting a new place for the first time and want to take it easy as a local guide down the coast.

$3’700 USD is the minimum weekly price for a skippered yacht charter

Skippered Yacht Charter is often a Bareboat Charter with the inclusion of a skilled, local Skipper who assumes full accountability for the safety of the boat, navigation, sailing, and anchoring. When floating, the skippers will gladly function as your guide and tour your various secluded harbors and anchorages that are often unfamiliar to most visitors. Subject to weather circumstances, he will pay heed to your desires of where you wish to travel and try his best to accommodate them.

Even if you are a novice, you will love learning to navigate the boat on your own with the assistance of a professional. It is a frequent assumption that a skippered yacht charter would cost significantly more than a bareboat hire. However, this is only sometimes the case.

$16’000 USD is the minimum weekly price for a crewed yacht charter

Crewed charter refers to a luxury charter rented with an entire crew. Generally, the crew onboard differs from charter to charter. Depending on their size, yachts may only have a captain and hostess/cook on board, or they may have a full complement of crew members, including a captain, engineer, deck assistant, experienced chef, and others.

Moreover, the bigger and more luxurious the yacht charter is, the better amenities you will experience. Fully crewed yacht rentals are ideal for individuals looking for an extraordinary and exclusive holiday of a lifetime. Onboard the fully crewed yacht rentals, and you will have a relaxing experience. You may make yourself as comfortable as you like. The personnel will give professional, five-star services while respecting your privacy and fulfilling your expectations.

Yacht charter prices range in the Caribbean (USD per week incl. food and beverage)

Vessel sizeSailboatCatamaran or TrimaranTrimaranMotor Yacht
Less than 52ft ( 20m) bareboat$2’000- $8’000$3’000 – $20’000$3’000-$10’000N/A
Less than 52ft ( 20m) skipperedA skipper in the Caribbean costs approximately 250€ ($250) to $300/day
54ft-78ft (17-24m) with crew$18’000 – $26’000$15’000 – $60’000N/A$20’000 – $30’000
78ft- 100ft (24-30m) with crew$42’000-$80’000$66’000-$80’000N/A$30’000-$60’000
Superyacht over 100ft (30m)From $80’000From $80’000N/Afrom 100’000
Mega yacht over 196ft (60m)From $150’000N/AN/Afrom $260’000

Our tips to decrease the cost of a yacht charter in the Caribbean

A private yacht charter is a great experience, yet it can cost a fortune for some. What if we share a few tips to lower the costs of your yacht charter trip? Here are some:

Charter a yacht during the Caribbean shoulder season

Scheduling a yacht charter during the shoulder or off-season could save you up to half the price, even though sailing in the high season will guarantee the best weather. Yet, if you are a budget traveler or wish to experience charter at the best rates, consider booking at the shoulder reason.

Summer is the peak period in the Mediterranean, with the coldest months being January and February. If you want to save money, you should travel in the spring or fall, when the weather is milder and the water is warmer for swimming.

Excellent sailing conditions exist throughout the year in the Caribbean. However, hurricane season extends from June to November, with the peak of storm activity being between the middle of August and the middle of September.

Before making a reservation, evaluate your off-season location’s monthly mean temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and wind patterns. Stormy weather with high rainfall will not make a trip enjoyable. Hence, plan accordingly.

Pick a cheaper Caribbean destinations

The location, timing, and yacht charter firm you choose all have a significant impact on the cost. You can try and pick an island within the whole Caribbean easy for you to reach depending on where your departure country is. In fact it is easier to arrive in Saint Thomas than to Martinique from the USA, whereas from Europe it will be easy to reach Guadeloupe from France, or Saint Vincent or the United Kingdom with regular commercial flights. Be aware, that taxi planes exist, and can help in commuting between the islands. Popular Leeward islands like the Virgin Islands, Saint Barth or Antigua can be expensive to pick for. Yacht charter during the holidays season, and during popular events such as the Heineken Regatta. So you may want to choose to sail towards the grenadines in May for example, which is a wonderful cruise to do.

Choose a smaller yacht with a smaller crew

Small yachts may be inexpensive, straightforward, and seaworthy. Additionally, their small size makes them cost-effective sailboats. Pocket cruisers are frequently available at a low cost. Further, they don’t require a big crew to maintain and operate. Hence, a small sailboat makes globe travel much cheaper!

What is included in the charter fee?

For a bareboat charter

The basic purpose of a bareboat charter is to optimize the vessel’s earning capacity, ensuring that both parties (the Owner and the Charterer) may earn money. A bareboat charter occurs whenever the Owner rents their vessel to the Charterer for a particular period. Once the Charterer assumes command of the vessel, he assumes full responsibility.

So this implies that the Charterer is responsible for the vessel’s personnel, fuel, insurance, and necessary repairs and maintenance. The Owner will earn a daily, weekly, or monthly stipend (sometimes known as “charter hire”) in return for the vessel’s usage. Hence, the charter fees only include the vessel’s rent.

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For a crewed charter

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Nearly all crewed catamarans and most smaller sailing monohulls offer all-inclusive charter pricing. The charter fee often comprises:

  • Captain and Chef or Attendant
  • Three daily meals and snacks every day aboard the boat.
  • All beverages, including common wine, beer, liquor, and mixtures
  • Temperature-controlled accommodations
  • Watersports gear on board (scuba gear may be additional)
  • Permissions for navigation, fuel, limited Wi-Fi, and all deck facilities

Extra fees for all-inclusive ships may include the following:

  • Crew gratuities.
  • Additional communications.
  • Extra marina anchorages.
  • Pastimes.
  • Any meals ashore.
  • Optional gear rental fees.
  • Activities like scuba diving.

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If you’re looking to set sail on an unforgettable Caribbean excursion but not sure where to look for the best deals, have no fear! With a little bit of research, savvy shoppers can find great discounts and great offers and service from WI Yachts. Armed with knowledge about all payment structures involved in your chosen yacht rental option, it’s easy to avoid unwelcome surprises during checkout – leaving only one thing: smooth sailing for your dream vacation!