5 Reasons to Sail from Martinique to the Tobago Cayes


Sailing from Martinique to the Grenadines is like experiencing The real Caribbean way of life

Martinique to the Tobago Cayes is a sailing voyage that offers thrills and adventure at every turn. With its stunning beaches, intriguing culture and spectacular wildlife, this route provides an opportunity like no other; a chance to explore a part of the world many only ever dream of visiting. Whether you are looking for action-packed watersports or simply want to soak up some Caribbean sunshine, this journey promises unforgettable experiences that will remain with you long after your return home. Read on for five reasons why travelling from Martinique to the Tobago Cayes should be top of your bucket list! Take an unforgettable sailing excursion in the Caribbean and explore a melange of cultures – get ready for French flair, West Indian warmth, unique spices and local music.

Take a look at a sample of cruising itinerary to sail from Martinique to the Grenadines here.

1 – There’s no need worry about accessibility or affordability

Martinique has affordable year-round flights available from Paris – London – Miami as well as numerous amenities necessary for your journey. What better way is there than sailing through paradise?

2 – A Combination of “Wonderful” & “Breathtaking”

Embark on an ultimate journey of a lifetime that will take you to paradise islands, so spectacularly beautiful it may seem too good to be true! The sand under your feet feels like air as the crystal clear waters sparkle around endless landscapes filled with vibrant colors. Rivers and waterfalls give life-giving energy while treasured forests provide serenity; all in perfect harmonious balance – what could possibly top this wonderful and breathtaking experience?

3 – Strong culture and Heritage

Martinique is a dream-worthy destination for travelers craving an exotic vacation. This idyllic island offers the best of both worlds, blending French comforts and poise with classic Caribbean flair. Don’t miss out on Fort de France – its charm and character truly need to be experienced in person! With influences from African, Indian, European and Caribbean cultures all blended together here, you’ll enjoy a delicious fusion of flavors unique to this magical corner of the world.

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4 – Stunning coral reef

Immerse yourself in the beauty of The Island of Flowers – a volcanic paradise located between Guadeloupe and Saint Lucia. Spend your days snorkeling or diving through 400 kilometers of crystal-clear coastline, brimming with life below the sea’s surface. With coral friendly sun lotions, you can enjoy this stunning marine trove while taking care not to disturb its delicate ecosystem!

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5 – Martinique is an Award Winning Islands

Martinique was named in 2023 one of the Must Visit places by the New York times!

Embark on an unforgettable journey of paradise! Take a cruise through the stunning waters surrounding Martinique and experience why it is one of the world’s top must-visit destinations. This island offers a unique mix of French culture and tropical paradise. Discover its lush forests, vibrant beach scene, and other wonders!

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