3 Reasons why you should charter a yacht in the Caribbean this Christmas

Party on a yacht rental

This year, give a modern twist to ancestral traditions and bring your family on a Christmas cruise on your yacht charter. 

Instead of the routine, bring the whole family on a motorboat rental in the Caribbean. Escape the cold winter and dive into the warm blue waters. You’ll create unforgettable moments in an exceptional setting.  

Party on a yacht.

Are you not convinced yet?

After 20 years of tailoring yacht charter for our clientele, we know a thing or two about hosting and gift-giving. Here are the reasons why you should plan a yachting vacation for the holiday season.

Unwind in a fabulous new setting every day

The holiday season can be a hectic time, filled with family, friends, and work commitments. But you can also take a yachting vacation to relax and forget the stress of everyday life.

After months of intense work, you deserve to unwind and pamper yourself.

Iles société

By chartering a boat, you avoid the crowds of cruise ships and trendy ski resorts. Even if your hotel’s view is fabulous, it’s the same for the duration of your stay.

On a yacht charter, you can choose to wake up in a different anchorage every day. The catamaran’s shallow draft allows you to sail in lagoons and near barrier islands. You can select an itinerary off the beaten path to rest on beautiful sandy beaches and explore remote coves.

Raiaeta yacht rental

Instead of the traditional Christmas tree, you will have coconut trees. The reddish glow of the evening sky replaces the fireplace. At night, the stars and the Milky Way supplant the electric garlands.

However, if you can’t do without your favorite TV series, there’s often a state of the art equipment and a satellite connection on the yacht rental in our fleet.

You can also decide to the inhabited Caribbean Islands by day and enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean on-screen by night or to watch perfect sunsets while chartering a bareboat catamaran such as this family spirit typed boat Lagoon 52 designed by the famous naval architect VPLP.

The Lagoon 52 catamaran features the most exceptional comfort for a fond family reunion.

Several similar catamarans are available in all the Caribbean bareboats or skippered. Wi yacht can help you chose the right one.

It’s good for your health!

Sailing the Caribbean is a way to beat the “Winter Blues.” Seasonal Affective Disorder is a depression related to the lack of natural light. Women are the most affected. What’s better to cheer up than listening to the sound of the sea, watching the corals reef, the turtles and the fishes ?

Spending time in the sun is an excellent way to strengthen the immune system. Your body will be able to fight off viruses more effectively. You’ll also replenish your vitamin D stock, which is excellent for your bone health. 

Besides all these benefits from the sunlight, a nice tan makes you look good. And that is always helpful for boosting your confidence.

Moreover, even if your superyacht rental does not provide a private gym onboard, you can still have an intense workout. Joining in rope maneuvers on a sailboat can be as effective as a battle rope training in a gym. And practicing water sports is so much more fun than counting set and reps.

If you are adrenaline-lovers and you like flying over the waves, you should definitely add a kitesurfing cruise to your bucket list !

Lagoon 620 Oculus Caribbean

Lagoon 620 Oculus will be the boat you need to enjoy a sporty cruise. Its amazing crew has all the necessary equipment to make you feel the power of the wind of the Caribbean.

Kitesurfing locations around the world include the Caribbean : Saint Vincent and the Grenadines among which the famous Union islands.

Union Island- Saint Vincent
Union Islands

In the Mediterranean you should try kitesurfing cruise in Corsica, Sardinia, the Greek cylades or in Indonesia and Taiwan in the Pacific.

Finally, sailing on a boat rental is also a way to avoid the traditional Christmas dinner.

But being on a yacht charter is a smart way to suggest twist to the traditional Christmas diner. Switch the roasted stuffed turkey with lobster and maybe try some Caribbean recipe or other healthy (but delicious) alternatives. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you can taste the Black Cake. It is an aged rum-soaked dried fruit patisserie served on special occasions in the Caribbean.

Create Lasting Family Memories

Family traditions bring comfort and good memories. Gathering your loved ones to create family memories during the holiday season is a way to create meaningful moments.

You can bring all the family or friends on a Christmas yacht charter to build new moments of connection. Sailing together on a boat creates meaningful bonds. 

You can also try unusual activities with your kids, discover exotic places with your relative, and shake up your routine. 


Imagine teaching your son how to fish instead of letting him on the couch streaming Netflix 24/7. Netflix Engaging the senses more intensely makes moments stand out.

In our fleet, most of the boat rental includes water toys to keep your children and thrill-seeking teenagers busy. They can be snorkeling while you soak up the sun on the deck. Part of the family can visit a charming town while you are testing your fishing skills.

Que faire en Guadeloupe

On a luxury superyacht, you’ll experience the comfort of a 5-starred hotel. And you can always find a quiet place to rest on your own.

A catamaran charter has many advantages. A multihull is more stable, so people onboard have less risk of seasickness. This kind of yacht is very spacious with a vast living room, multiple cabins, bathrooms, cockpit, and deck for sunbathing.

Where to go for a Christmas Cruise?

A yacht charter in the Caribbean is a one in a life time experience. If you are in North America, you can easily reach the Virgin Islands, Antigua, Saint Marteen, the little jewel Anguilla or Saint Lucia in the Windward Islands. Coming from Europe you can reach easily Martinique to head towards Saint Vincent and the Grenadines driven by the trade winds. Do not forget to take advice with your charter broker about itinerary, private air charter to reach those islands, or private islands such as Mustique. We can advice you a nice diner at the Cotton House then go for a drink at the basil’s bar.

the Caribbean is the perfect destination for your Christmas yacht charter. Your only problem is to select which paradise islands you’d like to visit. BVI and Bahamas are very popular destinations but there are many more areas to explore.

But, the Caribbean is not the only Christmas cruise destination.

république Dominicaine

You won’t be disappointed by a Christmas cruise. So, the last hesitation may concern the party. You can have a meal on your boat rental before partying ashore. But you can also organize the party on your superyacht charter to have a taste of real luxury. You’ve already been to the Caribbean too much? No problem, you can go to any corner of the globe you want to celebrate Christmas, provided the sailing conditions are acceptable!

But we have very luxury options to propose among which Winner of the “World Superyacht Award”, SEVEN SINS which is one of the greatest motoryacht available for charter in the Caribbean. Sail with elegance and comfort and enjoy the many facilities: swimming pool, spa, water toys…

Seven Sins Yacht Charter
Seven Sins

Are you planning a party on a yacht?

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