Guadeloupe Islands : The Best Way to Enjoy your Vacation

Guadeloupe Vacations

Guadeloupe looks like the ultimate paradise destination with its inviting harbors, tropical beaches, snorkeling and much more. But, there is more to this island than the chance to simply laze around all day. There is plenty to see and do on a holiday to Guadeloupe.


Experience the best visitor attractions in Guadeloupe.


There are a couple of major tourist attractions that families can visit for a fun day out. Kids of all ages will love the Karukeraland Adventure Water Park. Here they can splash around in the water and play on rides in the safety of a licensed park. It may not be as extreme or high-tech as other theme parks, but it does sit within beautiful tropical gardens. Then there is the option of Guadeloupe Zoo. This zoo is quite small at 4 acres but offers a great opportunity to see indigenous wildlife up close. There are 85 species from the island and wider Caribbean, including spider monkeys and jaguars.


Learn more about the history of Guadeloupe.

There are lots of museums and sites of historical and cultural significance in Guadeloupe. Many will enjoy the climb up to Fort Napoléon des Saintes, which is a restored fort from 1867 with stunning harbor views. Then there is the chance to learn more about Guadeloupe people through the Musee de la prehistoire amerindienne Edgar-Clerc or the Monument to Liberty. The latter showcases a church, staircase, and monument dedicated to the slaves of Guadeloupe.


Enjoy some time in Guadeloupe’s clear blue waters.


There are lots of water-based activities that visitors can enjoy when they come to Guadeloupe. Many will enjoy the chance to swim in the calm seas, while others will seek out some waves for a spot of surfing. There are also many snorkeling and diving sites on the island where tourists can get a closer look at the marine landscape and wildlife. It is even possible to get your scuba diving certification while out on holiday here. Those that aren’t keen to get their feet wet can enjoy the seas from the comfort of a charter boat instead.


Enjoy in the best food and drink that Guadeloupe has to offer.

Whatever activities you take part in – whether that means a trip to up to those monuments or an afternoon under the sea – you can reward yourself with some fine dining. There are plenty of top restaurants that specialize in Guadeloupe food for an authentic experience. Many of these lie close to the shore for a great view. The same is true of the many bars across the island that are perfect for a sunset cocktail.


Enjoy the natural landscape of Guadeloupe.

Finally, visitors need to make sure that they take the time to see the natural beauty of Guadeloupe. For many tourists, this means heading to one of the many beaches that are dotted around the shore of the islands. These sandy coves offer a spot of paradise beside the blue ocean. However, there is just as much beauty and intrigue in-land. One area that shouldn’t be overlooked is the mangrove forest. The TAONABA Maison de la Mangrove offers a clear route over the top of these landscapes and plenty of information. Adventurous visitors should also check out the hot springs.


Plan your visit wisely so you don’t miss out.

So when is the best time to visit Guadeloupe to enjoy all of these wonders? There are essentially 3 different seasons to be aware of in Guadeloupe. August and September are when the worst of the storm and hurricanes make landfall. This can be pretty dangerous and will also disrupt travel plans. Many travelers prefer to head out to the island between December and May as this is when the island sees the calmest, warmest weather. This is perfect for those that insist on a sun-kissed tropical adventure. Then there are the off-season periods of June/July and October/November. These periods are more varied when it comes to the weather, so there is a chance of rain and colder temperatures. But, some hotels and attractions do lower prices in this period.

Whenever you choose to head to Guadeloupe, you can be sure of some brilliant experiences in a beautiful landscape. Enjoy the rich heritage and culture as you explore the island.


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