The delta of the Ebro in Tarragona, is a privileged enclave of navigation in all seasons. The magic of the Ebro Delta lies in its navigable waters and it offers a large protected area from the sea. With multiple beaches, you can anchor and taste the regional oysters and mussels.

Many itineraries are possible; To the north you will find Ampolla and Ametlla, with their fishing ports and fish restaurants in a traditional environment. And to the south you will sail to Benicardó, Peñíscola and Alt Vila, which is reminiscent of Ibiza. Still further south, the Irta Natural Park, from where you can sail to the Columbretes Islands and anchor near the volcano crater.

For those who prefer long trips of approximately 100 NM, you could arrive at the port of Soller in Mallorca or Ibiza. You can anchor in small bays at Formentera, enjoy refreshments at La Savina and go up to Denia 60 MN, Valencia, Columbres Isles, Benicarló or Peñíscola and finally return to Tarragona in San Carles, Sa Ràpita.

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