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Yacht Brokerage

A guide to bu​ying, selling and managing your yacht


Windward Islands has built through the years a strong relationship with different shipyards for the sale of brand new boats, various yacht owners all over the world for the sale of their boats and including dedicated sailors that trust them for the research and purchase for their ideal yacht.

We know that the purchase of any boat size is an important decision. Our mission is to privilege each client, understand their needs, and guide them until we find them that perfect match.  

Our goal is to deliver the finest services, advice, and management with solid operational support. 

Our management includes a project journey with a proposition of top available yacht for sale to fit each client’s needs, organization of visits, pricing negotiation,  administrative formalities (flag, deposit on an escrow account, crew), planning of the work if needed then handling of the boat. 

We can also provide you the opportunity to own a yacht without the expenses and challenges of traditional ownership by developing a crewed charter business through a tailored management program with guaranteed income. 


Monitoring works on the Lagoon 560 Zylkene 1


Over the years we have sold a large variety of boats from 15 to 45m. We have assisted many people in various projects such as: sailing around the world with family and kids, couples, buying a luxury catamaran and chartering it to cover maintenance costs or buying a berth for a 40m yacht.

Buying or selling boats is a very complex process where many questions arise: 

  • What type of boat is a fit for me?  Motoryacht, sailing yacht, catamaran, trimaran. 
  • What is the best yacht configuration?
  • What is the best approach, buy a brand new yacht or a second hand that has who has proven she can sail the high seas. 


The Vitters Sharlou was chosen for its performance and its lines.

  • What is the right size of the boat for my family world tour, or vacation? 
  • Most importantly, how much am I willing to invest in this project. We will accompany you with a clear management program of maintenance fees to give you a complete and overall vision of your project.

THE SAILING RESORT, a project designed and developed by Windward Islands with the naval architect firm PHR design, built in La Rochelle, France, under the supervision of the company Yacht Concept, on specifications oriented towards the protection of the environment.

Consult all our boats for sale on our dedicated website: worldwideyachtbroker.

A few shipyards we worked with :
Collaboration with vendors and construction site: