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Yacht Brokerage

Since 1999, Windward Islands has positioned itself as a yacht broker, serving as a representative for the sale or purchase of yachts or boats to interested parties. Over time, Windward Islands has been successful in creating and keeping genuine relationships of trust with buyers and sellers. Owning a yacht is a great investment and Windward Islands provides you with expert yacht brokers with many years of experience to help you find the perfect yacht. Selling or buying a luxury yacht/boat is no small feat and several questions may arise. Some criteria that a buyer might look into could be the following:


  • The kind of boat one should buy for a charter vacation (catamaran, motor, sailboat etc)

  • The selection process of a yacht for sale

  • Finding the perfect boat or yacht that meets the client’s requirements and needs

  • If there is a sun deck jacuzzi tub, swim platform, en suite, entertainment system or master stateroom included on the yacht


Windward Islands provides customized and personal services to its clients to help each and every one of them make the right choice. If your boat is for sale or you want to acquire one, we have a very strong network represented on every continent and a broad range of boats. Some of these boats include but are not limited to the trinity yacht and bacchus yacht.

We provide honest and reliable solutions that are quick and cost effective thereby saving time and money. We have the necessary resources and significant contacts to make your sailing dreams come true. Please contact us on the following lines:



+33 4 93 38 12 14



+33 1 45 22 26 52



+34 932 210 421


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