Expert Yacht Sale Brokerage services

Any size boat purchase is a significant choice, as we are aware. Our goal is to fulfill your ambition by identifying your needs and assisting you in finding the ideal match. 
Our mission is to provide the best management, consulting, and services possible together with reliable operational support. Our comprehensive and all-inclusive sales broker services have one element that ties them all together. 
We would love to assist you on this adventure, whether you are wanting to sell or cruise.
From 15 to 45 meters, we have sold a wide range of boats over the years. We have helped a lot of people with a variety of initiatives, such buying a luxury catamaran and chartering it to pay for upkeep or purchasing a berth for a 40-meter boat. 
Boat sales and purchases are extremely complicated transactions that raise numerous issues. 

-What kind of boat would be best for me? Sailboat, catamaran, trimaran, motoryacht. 
-What yacht configuration is ideal? 
-What is the best course of action—buying a brand-new yacht or a used boat that has already shown she can navigate the open seas? 
-How big of a boat should I have for my family's trip or world tour?

Comprehensive Yacht Management Services for the Ultimate Boating Experience

Every client receives individualized support from WI Yachts with regard to administration, ownership, and operation of their luxury boat. supervising new construction, managing operations, budgets, maintenance, and reporting, or executing effective marketing to promote your vessel for charter to minimize costs: Our team of professionals is committed to helping you enjoy boat ownership. 
We can offer advice on choosing the right crew for your needs, tax regulations, and the ideal flag for a charter. The administrative side of the rentals can be handled by us, ensuring that you are adequately covered by contracts, payments, and insurance.



WI Yachts Sale Brokerage team provide service for :
- Support for purchase and sale
- Drafting of sale contract
- Trust and bank escrow
- KYC verification for mortgage or other debts
- European VAT status
- Organization of pre-purchase surveys
- Drafting of the deeds of sale
- Flag deletion
- New flag registration
- Incorporation of companies
- Maritime insurance
- Road and sea transport
- Yacht management and charter marketing solutions
- Solution for fractional yacht ownership

Technical management and maintenance 

In order to maintain your yacht, WI Yachts can provide you with technical advice and a planned timetable for both short-term and long-term repairs and refits. 
Your boats must abide with flag state laws, society classifications, and quality assurance certifications. Verify that the documentation processes are followed.

Charter Management and marketing your boat for charter

Although owning a yacht is a lovely experience, you might want to consider renting out your boat to offset the annual operating costs. 
Offering your yacht for charter management ensures that both the vessel and crew are in use year-round for the best upkeep and to provide your visitors with the best luxury charter experience. 
We take care of our guests onboard a fleet of opulent ships for more than 25 years. Choose a broker you can trust who can assist you in optimizing your yacht, whether it is a sailing or motorized boat.


yacht sale faq

If you want to sell your boat, you must it a fair price, have all the papers ready, have the time to organize visits, the maritime expertise and negotiate the price with your future buyer. It is also necessary to present a clean and well maintained boat, whatever its age, and most of all have her easy access for visits. We advise you to go through professionals who know the market. You will benefit from their expertise, their network of potential buyers and they will also help you with all the legal formalities and take the time to organize the visits.
Brokers work like real estate agents. They are mandated by the owner to advertise, represent and sell the boat. A professional broker helps making a realistic offer that increases the chances of buying a pre-owned boat for a fair price, and with the necessary elements to protect your interests. Also, he can advise you on the best flag to register your boat, administrative work and propose you the best management service for your needs. With over 22 years of experience, WI Yachts team is dedicated to offering a tailored and professional service to our clients. We have built throughout the years strong relationships with various shipyards for the sale of brand-new boats; with several yacht owners, all over the world, for the sale of second-hand yachts, making the link between them and dedicated sailors in search of the yacht of their dreams.
A broker manages all communication and information on the listing of your boat, with potential buyers and other brokers. Working with a well-known broker provides the advantages and getting advice on the market, price accurately your boat and above all, they have a network of clients and prospects, buyers, from the beginning of the work they’ll do.
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