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Yacht Brokerage


We know that the purchase of any boat size is an important decision. Our mission is to make your dream come true by understanding your needs, and guide you until we find you that perfect match.  

Our goal is to deliver the finest services, advice, and management with solid operational support. Our sales broker services are extensive and all-encompassing with one thing linking it all together. 

Whether you’re looking to sail or sell, we would love to help you in this journey.



Over the years we have sold a large variety of boats from 15 to 45m. We have assisted many people in various projects such as: sailing around the world with family and kids, couples, buying a luxury catamaran and chartering it to cover maintenance costs or buying a berth for a 40m yacht.

Buying or selling boats is a very complex process where many questions arise: 


- What type of boat is a fit for me?  Motoryacht, sailing yacht, catamaran, trimaran. 

- What is the best yacht configuration?

- What is the best approach, buy a brand new yacht or a second hand that has proven she can sail the high seas.

- What is the right size of the boat for my family world tour, or vacation? 

Most importantly, how much am I willing to invest in this project. We will accompany you with a clear management program of maintenance fees to give you a complete and overall vision of your project.



WI Yachts is dedicated to assisting each client with every aspect of luxury yacht management, ownership and operation. From managing operations, budgeting, maintenance and reporting, managing new construction or performing efficient marketing to advertise your vessel for charter to reduce cost : We have a dedicated team of professionals to make you enjoy yacht ownership. 

We can help you select the best crew for your needs, advise on flag selection for charter and tax legislation. Importantly, we can take care of the administrative part of the rentals, ensuring you are properly covered with contracts, payment and insurance. 


Monitoring works on the Lagoon 560 Zylkene 1


WI Yachts Sale Brokerage team provide service for :


- Support for purchase and sale

- Drafting of sale contract

- Trust and bank escrow

- KYC verification for mortgage or other debts

- European VAT status

- Organization of pre-purchase surveys

- Drafting of the deeds of sale

- Flag deletion

- New flag registration

- Incorporation of companies

- Maritime insurance

- Road and sea transport

- Yacht management and charter marketing solutions

- Solution for fractional yacht ownership



To maintain your yacht WI Yachts can advise you with a planned technical schedule for long term and daily repairs and refits needs.

Your yachts need to be in compliance with quality assurance certifications, society classification and flag state regulations. Make sure the documentation procedures are respected.



Owning a yacht is a wonderful journey, but you may want to cut the annual running costs by offering your yacht for charter. 

Offering your yacht for charter management means that vessel and crew are in operation throughout the year for optimal maintenance and to deliver optimal luxury charter experience to your guests.

We offer a fleet of luxury vessels  to our care and follow our guests onboard for more than 25 years. Choose a broker you trust and can help you optimize your yacht whether it’s a motor or sailing vessel.


A few shipyards we worked with :
Collaboration with vendors and construction site: