From the countless islands of the archipelagos in the north, to the Pomeranian coast of Germany in the south, and the traditional seaports of the Baltic States to the east, the a yacht charter in the Baltic Sea has a lot to offer. A huge diversity of geological features including, steep chalk cliffs, long sandy beaches and wide tidal flats make for interesting sailing in the south, while the sheltered inlets and numerous anchorages amid the islands and islets of the north give ample opportunities to explore, no matter how many times you visit. The stunning white cliffs of Rügen and its picturesque landscapes have long made this island a popular tourist destination and the complex coastline and nautical history of Denmark are also a major attraction for sailors. Finally, let's not forget the Venice of the North as Stockholm is known, built on 14 islands this is a capital city made for seafaring visitors.

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Dufour 460
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