itineraire Aeolian Islands 8 days from Palermo

Day 1: Palermo - Cefalu (Sicily)

After your arrival at the Palermo airport (PMO), join the base to discover your boat and then weigh anchor for Cefalu. Walk the city, located at the foot of a huge cliff, and its medieval streets. Unmissable visit, the Dome of Cefal is among the most beautiful cathedrals of the south of Europe. In the evening, go to one of the delicious restaurants and be charmed by the view overlooking the coast.

Day 2 : Cefalu - Filicudi

Head towards Filicudi, the roughest island with its steep slopes, rocky hills and craters. Take your time to visit the island, admire its layers of lava, the oldest of which is located in the sea in front of "Fidi di Sciacca", its prickly pears and wild olive trees. Do not miss to dive in the seabed of the various caves of the island in search of the moray eel, a long fish in the form of snake.

Day 3 : Filicudi - Salina

Sail to Salina, the island that hosted the film Il Postina in 1995. Go for a hike to the extinct volcanoes Fossa delle Felci and Monte dei Porri. Otherwise, choose to relax near the Fossa des Fougères, an oasis offered by nature and stop in a restaurant to taste the many specialties with capers.

Day 4 : Salina - Panarea

Anchor towards Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian Islands whose size earns it the nickname of "VIP Island". Stroll around Cala Junco to discover Bronze Age huts and taste the bohemian chic atmosphere of the place, as do many celebrities such as singer Beyoncé and model Noami Campbell.

Day 5 : Panarea - Lipari

In Lipari, the oldest and largest island of the archipelago, go around the island and enjoy the view of Vulcano, its estates of white stones and discover the flow of Roche Rose. Go back in time to the historic center, visit its castle, its cathedral, its ruins and relax with a bath in warm and turquoise waters under the sunset.

Day 6 : Lipari - Alicudi

Cape to Alicudi, the wildest of the Aeolian Islands. Find calm and serenity by walking the trails and admire pastel houses. Chat with locals and be surprised to discover the only means of transport used on the 'Donkey island'

Days 7 & 8 : Alicudi - Ustica - Palermo

After a final stop in Ustica, nicknamed the "Black Pearl" to explore Azur Grotto, a submerged cave with its walls lined with sponges of various shapes and colors, drop anchor in Palermo. Capital of Sicily, visit the must-see monuments such as the Duomo or the Palace of the Normans, stroll through the past through its charming streets and discover in the evening, the Sicilian nightlife. After a last Sicilian breakfast aboard your boat, disembark and join the airport of Palermo (PMO).


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