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All seasons are good for a visit in Italy. In summer, Italy is an international playground for yacht charterers, with visitors from all continents raingling with vacationing Italians at the famous resorts. Spring comes early to Italy and autumn lingers.
Most of the year the beaches are sunny , with more than 5000 miles of shoreline bordering Italy and its islands. You can usually find waters where the temperature is right for swimming. And history is always in season : choose any time of year to tour historic buildings and view the world's greatest art treasures. Italy is a land that has been writing and preserving its history for over three thousand years.

itinerary 1 : East Liguria Riviera
itinerary 2 : Genoa Corsica
itinerary 3 : 7 days from Cannigione
itinerary 4 : 7 days from Palermo
itinerary 5 : Aeolian Islands

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Holding more than 350 sea islands and offering almost everything needed, from unrivaled scenery and pleasant climate to outstanding culture and modern luxuries, Italy is highly renowned throughout the world as the ultimate private yacht charter destination in the

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I had a week off and it was the first time since a long time. I really needed to take a break, and I felt compelled to charter a yacht, I don’t know how or why. Anyway, looking for luxury yachts rental, I landed on Windward Islands, chose my boat and I was good to go, sailing all along the stupendous Italian coast. It was probably one of the best holiday ever. Plus, the service offered was professional, with outstanding attention to detail, such as confirming bookings etc. The yacht was, for the less, stunning. The crew was first-class, and looked up to almost, everything. They sure know how to take care of their customers well-being.

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Cassens-Werft Yacht 90M
Lauren L (ex Constellation)
Cassens-Werft Yacht 90M
Custom Schooner SDV 85M
Schooner SDV 85M
Mitsubishi Yacht 82M
Mitsubishi Yacht 82M
Amels Yacht 76M
Reborn (ex Boadicea)
Amels Yacht 76M
VT Shipbuilding Sloop 75M
M5 (ex Mirabella V)
VT Shipbuilding Sloop 75M
Freire Yacht 73M
Naia (ex Pegaso)
Freire Yacht 73M
Lamda Yacht 72M
Elegant 007 (ex RM Elegant)
Lamda Yacht 72M
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