Why you should visit Rhodes and the Dodecanese Islands?

The Dodecanese is a group of over 160 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, of which 12 are of a more notable size, historically the most important and best known is Rhodes

And there are plenty of good reasons that The Dodecanese and Rhodes are among the most desirable touristic  destinations in the world.

A : Historical heritage

Byzantine churches , medieval castles, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, the Suleiman mosque and many other monuments are still unspoiled by the passage of time, and bear witness to the different eras that Greece has been through – from the Classical period, the middle ages, Ottman and Italian rule. Wandering around Rhodes is like travelling in a time machine. The Medieval City of Rhodes fully deserves its UNESCO world heritage label.

B : Natural diversity

One specific feature of the Dodecanese is the diversity it offers. Each island in the Dodecanese has something different to be explored. The Dodecanese should not only be seen as Rhodes and Kos, famous though they are. If you are keen to discover lesser-known, unspoiled destinations, you can visit Karpathos, an island blessed with an abundance of streams, pine-tree forests, vineyards, olive groves, rocky caves and mountainous landscapes. Karpathos is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. You should also visit Nisyros , an unspoiled destination formed by volcanic eruptions. Take the opportunity to visit the Volcanic Museum, the only one of its kind in Greece, where there are samples from the most characteristic volcanic rocks of Nisyros.

C : stunning Beaches

The Dodecanese shorelines are world-famous due to their turquoise clean waters. Rhodes and the other islands that form the Dodecanese are one of the most popular luxury yacht charter destinations in the world.

A luxury yacht charter in Rhodes and the Dodecanese is a great way to enjoy the fabulous waters.

Whether swimming, diving, snorkeling, sunbathing or exploring several pristine islands away from the city hustle; the Dodecanese will promise a unique and exciting holiday experience.

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