3 Romantic Islands in Italy for a Honeymoon Yacht Charter


Summer is just around the corner! However, you still haven’t decided yet where to spend your holidays. If you haven’t made your mind, we have selected for you the most romantic island for a yacht charter in Italy.

Capri Island: a romantic island perfect for a honeymoon yacht charter

Nestled in the blue waters of the Bay of Naples, Capri is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Due to its mild climate and the unrivaled beauty of its landscapes, the island of Capri dazzled visitors since the first colonization by the Greeks who named it “The isle of sirens”.


Enchanted by its magnificent scenery, the variety of its landscape and the abundance of breathtaking caves and cliffs, Capri was chosen a preferred summer resort for Roman emperors.

Without a doubt, the islands top attractions are Faraglioni, the majestic limestone rocks emerging from the sea in the bay of Marina Piccola, and Blue Grotto ( also known as Grotta Azzura).

Though small in size, Capri’s marina is one of the best ports not only in the Mediterranean, but in the whole world. It is one of the few marinas perfectly equipped to welcome megayachts.

A yacht charter Capri will transcend all your expectations!

Discover Capri on the SUNREEF CATAMARAN SAIL 74'

Discover Capri on the SUNREEF CATAMARAN SAIL 74′

Elba Island: the perfect romantic island for a sailing honeymoon

Elba island or also known as Napoleon’s exile, is a dazzling green oasis within the Tuscan archipelago. Elba is Tuscany’s largest island and Italy’s third largest after Sicily and Sardinia. Elba offers a great mix of cultural and natural attractions to please its visitors.


Elba boasts numerous monuments, archaeological findings, impressive fortresses that stand as witnesses for its glorious past.

It features as well clear blue seas and terrific stretches of beaches. Elba enjoys as well rich seabeds housing different fish species. A perfect ground for all diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

A yacht charter in Elba promises the sailing vacation of your dreams exploring Tuscany’s islands or even head towards Corsica.

Silver Star II is a luxurious and elegant schooner available for Elba

Silver Star II is a luxurious and elegant schooner available for Elba

Salina Island: a green Italian island to consider for a secluded honeymoon yacht charter

Salina island is part of the Aeolian islands north Sicily. Salina is famous for being the greenest and most fertile island among the seven.

What makes this island distinguished is the way it preserved its unique character away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Salina houses as well two of the most inactive volcanoes of of the Aeolian Archipelago giving the land a distinct feature. Salina’s beaches are thus rocky than sandy.

Salina is one of the hot spots attracting scuba divers from around the world due to the abundance and the variety of sea animals, plants, caves and submerged volcanic craters.

The luxury yacht CNB 76 Neyina combines elegance and performance.

The luxury yacht CNB 76 Neyina combines elegance and performance. 

Being almost at the center, a yacht charter from Salina island is a perfect getaway to discover Italy, and to explore the other Aeolian sea and the island of Sicily.

Here’s what we’ve got for you so that your yacht charter in Italy will be one of a life time.  If you have already visited these islands or you have other suggestions, feel free to share your opinion!

Fai Un Buon Viaggio! 😉


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