Five Easy Beginners-Friendly Sailing Trips And Destinations


One thing is sure whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner sailing admirer – it’s crucial to find the ideal location for your perfect vacation. You most likely have a lot of concerns if it’s your first sailing holiday.

But you will have nothing to fear because this post will provide the required solutions. We will look at 5 of the most welcoming and breathtaking sailing locations for novices. Let’s begin!

Why is it important to pick a beginner-friendly destination when sailing alone for the first time?

Can you recall how frequently you went to a specific location on a typical vacation? Most likely a lot. How many times have you been to numerous places in a short period, each day seeing a brand-new location that you had never been to before and taking in the most fantastic feasible views of the crystal-clear waters and uncharted islands? Hardly any? Then sailing becomes the ideal vacation choice in this situation.

An easy-to-sail destination will be a lot more relaxing

How about awakening to a stunning sea view and many islands each time? The breeze may muss your hair in the most liberating way, and hidden harbors can urge you to pause for a cool bath. Would you prefer to enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the sunset over the water?

If you opt to make sailing your new seasonal experience, these are unquestionably some of the best things it can provide for you. You are unable to refuse this.

Sailing destinations that are used by beginners can have the infrastructure to help you out in case of a problem.

The sailing destinations must have the necessary infrastructure if you come across a problem.

For example, Turkey is not extremely frequented by beginners as compared to other destinations. Thus, you can enjoy a serene atmosphere. However, you have the superb infrastructure, abundant anchor places, and protected ports that offer a safe and pleasurable experience.

You can visit Fethiye while traveling through the beautiful soothing waters of the Aegean Sea. The sheer cliff face has been carved with 2,300-year-old tombs. It is just one of the many historical treasures that make up this town. The city has a harbor that is protected by a small island, in addition to having great food, culture, and breathtaking views. Its 12-meter-deep waters and numerous anchor points make it ideal for beginners. So, a place like Turkey, where you can have the best marina infrastructure, can surely be a place to learn the art of sailing as a beginner.

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A successful first sailing trip can build your confidence and experience.

Every new sailor seems to fear their first experience with strong winds because of storms, breaking seas, and screeching rigging. On a sailing boat, change is the only constant, and the weather is no exception. The wind is likely the most significant factor in the conditions because it affects the boat’s direction and speed. Spending time on a boat is frequently preferable to reading theory because sailors can learn how to interpret the wind through first-hand experience, which is an excellent ability to acquire, and this also includes being willing to dock the boat when needed.

Moreover, the mental and physical demands of sailing can seem a little bit overwhelming when you start out as a first-time sailor. The truth is that this feeling of trepidation or fear is perfectly normal for a sailor because it is the same with any new endeavor. After all, to go out to sea without these apprehensions or worries is likely to lead to negligence and ineptitude. You feel responsible for making decisions in no time. That makes you feel independent. And this continues even when you are off the water, seeking faith from personal experience.

What Are The Main Criteria For Picking A Beginner-Friendly Sailing Trip?

The sea should be calm during the season you plan on sailing.

Sailing can be risky if the sea is rough. Lightning strikes are rare, though. For sailors, surprise wind gusts and unpredictable changes in wind direction are the most perilous aspects of thunderstorms. Of course, you could also be caught off guard, which could lead to an accident or a man overboard scenario. Hence, the sea should be calm during the season you plan on sailing.

The winds should be suitable for your sailing experience and destination.

Unexpected changes in the wind or seas might seriously impair your ability to cross the water quickly or perhaps put your safety in danger. The majority of thunderstorms coincide with abrupt changes in wind speed and direction. Sometimes, the wind will continually turn 180 degrees. It can lead to extremely powerful gybes that damage the mast or ruin the mainsail. When you’re out on the water, the winds should be in your favor to have a beautiful sailing experience.

The (maritime) traffic should be light enough.

If the maritime traffic is high while you are sailing, you will have to keep making decisions between overtaking and crossing. You would not be able to have a peaceful hour or two while you have taken this trip for a great vacation or a trip. Hence, plan the sailing trip when the traffic is light enough for you to maneuver your boat while you are just a beginner.

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The Five Best Destinations For A Beginner Sailing Trip

Croatia: a perfect destination for a first sailing trip

Many refer to it as the “new Greece,” “new Riviera,” or “new Tuscany.” Travelers’ best-kept secret, Croatia, continues to be genuine and beautiful with its received attention. This stunning location, one of the most well-liked bareboating locations, provides the ideal circumstances for any novice. Croatia is the destination you should visit because of its year-round sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and calm northerly winds. Also, May and September are ideal for carrying out that task.

Greece: a favorite trip among first-time bareboat sailors

Without stunning Greece, no list of sailing locations is complete! Greece is undoubtedly one of the best locations to begin exploring the fantastic sailing world, and this position is no exception. But among all the stunning locations in Greece, we strongly advise hiring a boat on Lefkas.

Beginner sailors should head to this island, which is located in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece. The ocean is calm and serene, and there is a light northwest wind from April to November. The temperature, which ranges from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, is enjoyable.

You can also travel to Santorini, Mykonos, or Corfu if you have an upbeat attitude and wish to experience all that Greece offers in terms of natural beauty. Their world-class resorts, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife won’t disappoint you.

The British Virgin Islands: a true playground for first-time sailors

The practice of saving the best till the last is common. These locations, each distinct and lovely in their way, thoroughly merit exploration by boat. We must admit, though, that whenever the words “beginning” and “sailing” are combined, the British Virgin Islands come to mind.

The BVI is one of the top sailing locations for experienced and novice sailors. You might have already made your vacation travel plans by this point. The queries you had likely vanished as well. Who wonders, perhaps you’ve already seen Croatia’s lavender farms while sailing in the Ionian Sea. However, whatever the experience level, visiting these islands is a must for all sailors.

Turkey: a low-key Mediterranean destination perfect for beginners

Turkey‘s sailing season lasts from April to October. The Mediterranean climate’s merciful temperature is the first factor that makes this one of the most accessible places for novice sailors. The Aegean Sea and Turkey are excellent for novices because of their clear visibility, long, hot summers, and sparse rainfall. They can take leisurely boat rides and explore breathtaking scenery in Turkey.

Try and visit Fethiye when sailing the tranquil Aegean Sea. The 2,300-year-old tombs cut into the steep cliffside are only one of the many historical gems that make up this town. The city features a harbor protected by a tiny island in addition to culture, delicious food, and breathtaking vistas. Its 12-meter-deep waters and several anchor spots make it ideal for beginners. A location where you may practice sailing while admiring Turkey’s natural beauty.

The Bahamas: a tropical paradise for beginners-friendly sailing trips

One of the best sailing vacation destinations for beginners is the Bahamas. The Bahamas see more than 340 days of sunshine annually with a consistent trade wind at 16 km/h.

A team and a captain can be hired for a little extra, or sailors can rent a boat and take a quick sailing lesson.

Deep sea fishing, reef fishing, or spearfishing off the coast of Nassau are all options for sailors who enjoy fishing.

There are additional shipwreck dives near Long Island, Andros Island, and Bimini, and coral reefs near Nassau for those with an adventurous spirit.

If you feel like forgoing your yacht in favor of sunset beach strolls on actual pink beach sand, you may wish to check out Harbour Island’s Pink Sand Beach.

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Chartering A Yacht: a great alternative for a safe and comfortable first-time sailing trip

Luxury crewed yachts, which offer a mansion-like experience on the open seas, are frequently regarded as the pinnacle of fortune. A yacht can essentially act as a home away from home when outfitted with amenities like numerous bedrooms, gourmet kitchens, on-deck swimming pools, and helicopter landing pads.

Any holiday that involves the water might benefit greatly from a different perspective provided by yacht charters. Yacht offers a singular experience that combines the excitement of a boat cruise with the elegance of a five-star resort.

Chartering a yacht opens the door to a completely new kind of holiday because it essentially turns the vessel into a floating hotel that can transport you anywhere you want to go. A boat gives you the opportunity to experience all the luxury that comes with a high-end hotel accommodation while also acting as a mode of transportation, as opposed to remaining stationary in a single room or a resort villa. Indeed chartering a boat has a number of enticing benefits, much like having a cruise ship to yourself. A few to include are unparalleled personal freedom, customized experience, and amazing amenities.

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A yacht rental can be the ideal way to have a taste of real luxury without having to shell out for your own boat, whether you have an expensive family vacation to any of these destinations or a wedding party on the high seas in mind.

When you charter a yacht, you have the flexibility you need to have the trip of a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Windward Islands today for an amazing yacht charter holiday!