Tuamotu Archipelago (Rangiroa) : Lying approximately 300 miles northeast of Tahiti, the Tuamotu is the world's largest collection of coral atolls. Rangiroa is the largest of these atolls. Rangiroa, Farakava and Manihi offer adventurers a chance to live amid wild, untamed scenery removed from civilization. A diving and snorkeling paradise, this massive natural aquarium harbors an unsurpassed variety of marine life.

Nautitech Catamaran Nautitech 44
Nautitech 44
CatamaranNautitech Catamaran
Fountaine Pajot Orana 44
Orana 44
CatamaranFountaine Pajot
Fountaine Pajot Helia 44
Helia 44
CatamaranFountaine Pajot
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 52
Lagoon 52
CatamaranLagoon Catamaran
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 560
CatamaranLagoon Catamaran Lagoon 560
Fountaine Pajot Saba 50
Saba 50
CatamaranFountaine Pajot
Fountaine Pajot Eleuthera 60
CatamaranFountaine Pajot Eleuthera 60
Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58
CatamaranFountaine Pajot Ipanema 58