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Yacht Charter New Caledonia

itineraireDiscovery tour of the Island of Pines

Transfer from the airport to Tontouta, Prony Bay. Several moorings are possible for the night, all of them 30 minutes away using the engine. A description of them made by the skipper will help you choose.

Setting sail first thing in the morning for the Island of Pines. During the crossing, you can enjoy big-game fishing. Arrival planned around 4pm at Kanumera or Kuto, depending on the wind. Swimming, snorkelling and aperitif at Hotel Kudji.

Setting sail in the morning for Nokanhui, the atoll to the south of the Island of Pines. During the two and a half hour crossing, you can practise big-game fishing. Weather permitting, one night will be spent in the beautiful Pacific atoll. Barbecue on the beach, snorkelling on the reef, shell gathering in the islets.

Set sail for Oro Bay, then the afternoon will be spent big-game fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, waterskiing or just lazing around. Aperitif in the evening at the Meridien, reservation for next day's canoes.

Leaving the Meridien by taxi to be able to cross the southern lagoon in traditional canoes (you will be alone). Approx. two hours spent in a shallow turquoise lagoon. A magical experience! Then, at the end of the lagoon, you'll find a narrow path in the forest which will take you to a river after an easy 45 minute walk. You will then travel upstream. On the right, after taking a 500m path, you'll reach the 'natural swimming pool'. the skipper will join you with masks and snorkels. A multitude of fish, used to man, are trapped here. You will then return to the yacht by taking a branch of the sea, a high tide coefficient, with white sandy beaches and coconuts on each side. You will arrive on the beach across from the boat. You'll then indulge in grilled lobsters 'Chez Carlos' with your feet in the warm sands. After lunch, it's off to the magical mooring of Gadji, which you'll reach after 2 hours of navigation. Imagine a sand-bedded lagoon surrounded and protected by several little islands and dotted with dead coral protrusions covered with lush vegetation.

Gadji Bay: snorkelling, diving, waterskiing and for the less brave, swimming around the boat in 2 m of water. There's a private beach on an islet which is good for relaxing.

Set sail for Prony Bay in the morning, crossing the lagoon. Arrival in the late afternoon. This program is possible practically all year round, April and August to be avoided (because of whales) This program can be extended towards the Loyalty Islands in the east, the Belep Islands in the north and even leaving from the Vanuatu archipelago.