Yacht Charter New Caledonia

itineraire Around New Caledonia

Prony Bay

Transfert from Tontouta airport to Prony Bay by taxi. Welcome on board and sail to the moorings for the nigth.

Pines Island

Deep sea fishing during the cross to Pines Island. Moorings, swinning, snorkeling and visit at the kudji hotel for a drink

Nokanhui Atoll

Sailing to Nokanhui Atoll, south of Pines Island. BBQ on the beach ans spear fishing on the reef.

Oro Bay

Sailing to Oro Bay. Deep sea fishing, snorkling, scuba diving and water skiing available. Drink in a splendid hotel at nigth.


Aboard a traditionnal pirog (kayak) crossing of the magnifcent lagoon. After, trekking on a river for swimming on a natural pool into the forest. The skipper 'll meet you and return aboard. Sailing out for Gadji.


Snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing or simply farnient on a desert islet !


Long nigth sailing from Gadji to Lifou

Chateaubriand Bay

One of the finest beach in the South Pacific. Vist of the Island.

Docking bay

Sailing to the north of the island at Docking bay, scuba diving, spear fishing at nigth to catch lobsters ! On the nigth, starting to Ouvea.


Mooring at Mouly on the morning, swimming and degustation of your lobsters. At the end of the afternoon, you should visit the chief of the villade to do "coutume" with him. He will personnaly allowed you to visit "Pleiades Islands"


Visit the North Pleiades Islands Tribu, and on the afternoon, go snorkling on the shark pass !


Sailing to Deguela, south of pleiades Islands. Excellent mooring.


Cross to the main Island on the afternoon to Hienghen


Visiting a river with the dinghy across forest park. Transfert Hienghen / Tontouta airport to coming back home (5 hours across new caledonia).


Dufour 382

From € 1 805 per week

Oceanis 38

From € 1 710 per week

MY 4.S

From € 2 172 per week
Athens Alimos

Sun Odyssey 490

From € 2 520 per week


From € 7 380 per week

Sun Odyssey 440

From € 2 475 per week

Sun Odyssey 440

From € 2 295 per week

Lagoon 52

From € 13 516 per week

Lagoon 42

From € 3 600 per week


From $ 43 225 per week
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