Yacht Charter Montenegro

itineraire 8 days from Sarande to Dubrovnik

Day 1: Sarande (Albania)

After arriving at the airport, join Sarande and discover your boat. Attractive city, Sarande is located between the high mountains and the Ionian Sea. Close to Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the highlands, was one of the most important maritime centers in the ancient world. Visit the ruins, sip a cocktail in Lekursi Castle and admire vast unobstructed views from its hilltop location.

Day 2 : Sarande - Corfou (Greece)

Sail to Corfu, with its crystal clear waters and spectacular beaches. Taste Greek gastronomy and wine in one of the many taverns, visit the city, the Palace of Empress Sissi or the Achillon Palace and take a stroll under the sunset.

Jour 3 : Corfou - Bar

Head to the Montenegro, Bar, where you can refuel, visit the open air museum of Stari Bar or the palace of King Nikola then discover the Skandar Lake, the largest bird sanctuary in the Balkans.

Day 4: Bar - Budva (Montenegro)

On your way to Budva, a 2500-year-old town, stop at the Blue Grotto just outside the bay. Lunch Demizana, behind the walls of the city and then visit the luxurious Astoria Hotel. As soon as night falls, immerse yourself in the Montenegrin atmosphere of open-air discos and dance until the end of the night.

Day 5 : Budva - Kotor (Monténégro)

Approaching Kotor, admire the breathtaking life on the mountains surrounding the bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Stari Mlini, a former mill converted into a five-star restaurant, reach the top of the hill for a panoramic view of the bay and then reward yourself with local krempita cake.

Day 6 : Kotor - Zelenika (Monténégro)

Drop anchor in Kotor Bay, discover and visit the island that houses the Notre-Dame-des-Roches church and let yourself be charmed by its postcard tunes. In Morinj, you can dine at Catovica Mlini, a large rustic restaurant accessible by tender.

Day 7 : Zelenica →Tivat (Monténégro)

Join Tivat and its marina which has a myriad of on-site gourmet restaurants, a renowned spa and beach club. Dive into the Maritime Museum, stroll along luxury shops and superyacht scenes and admire the beautiful sunset over the bay. Enjoy a dinner at one of the fabulous onshore restaurants.

Day 8 : Zelenika → Dubrovnik (Croatie

In Dubrovnik, visit its old town, its ancient walls and its historic center, taste dishes of seafood (called "peka"), prepared with octopus and meat dishes prepared with potatoes.


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