Cefalu is located on the central north of Sicily. Despite its small size compared to other Italian cities, Cefalu attracts every year millions of tourists from all parts of Sicily, Italy and also from all over Italy and Europe.
Sailboat or catamaran rental in Cefalu is an alternative you cannot afford to miss if you're looking for the best beaches, picturesque views of the local landscape and glimpse to the storied and glorious history of Italy in a laid back ambiance.

Turkish Gulet - DEL 32M
- DEL 32M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 450
Lagoon 450
CatamaranLagoon Catamaran
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 500
Lagoon 500
CatamaranLagoon Catamaran
Turkish Gulet - SUN 24M
- SUN 24M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet
Turkish Gulet - GEI 24M
- GEI 24M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet
Alliaura Marine Privilege  585
Privilege 585
CatamaranAlliaura Marine
Turkish Gulet - 24M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet - 24M
Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon 52
Lagoon 52
CatamaranLagoon Catamaran