Cres situated in Kvarner Gulf, is the largest island in Adriatic sea which also has a fresh water lake Vransko jezero.
Bareboat or crewed yacht charter is your perfect alternative if you are looking for that last European unspoilt piece of paradise as Cres island represents Croatian eco-tourism at its best.
Island Cres hosts as well some of the most beautiful beaches and lagunas in Croatia.

Turkish Gulet - ADC 26M
- ADC 26M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet
Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42
Astrea 42
CatamaranFountaine Pajot
Turkish Gulet - NAC 31M
MotoryachtTurkish Gulet - NAC 31M
Turkish Gulet - ABC 30M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet - ABC 30M
Catana Catamaran Bali 5.4
Bali 5.4
CatamaranCatana Catamaran
Turkish Gulet - LBC 34M
- LBC 34M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet
Custom Schooner 28M
Smart Spirit I
Sailing yachtCustom Schooner 28M
Turkish Gulet - TJC 31M
- TJC 31M
Sailing yachtTurkish Gulet