Yacht Charter Mahe - Seychelles

itineraire 11 days of discovery of Seychelles from Mahe

Day 1 : Mahe

After arriving at the Seychelles International Airport (SEZ), board your boat and anchor at the Sainte Anne Marine Reserve. Immerse yourself in this ideal spot for an exploration of the underwater floral and faunal wealth, then dine under the stars.

Day 2: Sainte Anne Marine Reserve - Beauvallon Bay - Anse Major - Port Launay / Rice Cove

On the Bay of Beauvallon, play 'Robinsons': swim & snorkel with many of the underwater species , then drop your line and fish to ensure your dinner, pick up some fresh fruits ... then go to Anse Majeur for a dive in the excellently preserved reefs full of fish then Join Port Launay or Anse du Riz to anchor.

Day 3: Rice Cove / Port Launay - Silhouette Island - Bird Island

Set sail for Silhouette Island, an classified island as it is a protected area at 93%. Take a guided hike to the summit of Mount Auban to reach a breathtaking panorama or walk to the Marron Garden while enjoying the authentic surroundings. In the evening, during the sunset, explore the underwater world in search of butterfly fish.

Day 4 : Bird island

A flat, sandy coral island, 'Bird Island' naturally owes its name to colonies of terns, martins or sea swallows. Explore the island and its thousands of birds, the tropical fish and including the oldest turtle, Esmeralda, born there is over 200 years old! Depending on the season, you may be attending turtle egg laying spectacle on the beach.

Day 5 : Bird Island - La Curieuse - Saint Pierre – Sainte Anne Bay

Go to the Curieuse Island, part of the Marine National Park, to admire the largest Seychellois takamakas, live an intense moment of sharing with giant turtles or discover the famous sea cocos, then take a moment 'Back to the Past' by visiting the museum. Join Saint Pierre, a cluster of round rocks with a massive palm trees rocked by the wind and swim with turtles and multicolored fish, before joining Baie Sainte Anne to drop anchor.

Day 6 : Sainte Anne Bay – Côte d’Or

Visit one of the most beautiful treasures in the world, the UNESCO protected Valley of May. Dive into the heart of this tropical forest, and walk the hilly paths and obscured by the leaves of the famous "cocos de mer". Enjoy the natural rustling of these 40-metre trees rocked gently to the rhythm of the breeze and stay attentive as you may well see the famous black parrots. In the evening, anchor on the Côte d'Or in Praslin to enjoy dinner under a starlit sky.

Day 7 : Côte d'Or - Coco Island - Félicité - La Digue

Go to the island of Coco to explore the seabed of this natural aquarium. At Félicité, hike along the huge blocks of granite through palm trees, endemic plants ... then indulge in water activities and join the anchorage of La Digue. Unforgettable snorkelling. Anchor around Felicité.

Day 8 : La Digue

Leave a paradise to join another, the island of La Digue, a concentration of all Seychellois beauties. With its takamakas, its coconut hills or its granite rocks, the island offers a multitude of discoveries that you can do hiking or biking. Highly recognized, Anse Source d'Argent, the Eagle's Nest to meet "black widows" or La Passe, can be as much a place to visit to vary according to your desires.

Day 9 : La Digue - Big Sister

On the island of Grande Sœur (Big Sister) , swim in the reefs to meet sea turtles, many of whom are centuries year old, then dine under the stars with a Plat du Jour of fresh fish in this magnificent paradise setting.

Days 10 and 11 : Curieuse/Anse Lazio - Cousin Island -Mahé

At Cousin Island, meet the many species of birds and giant turtles before returning to Mahé. It is at the marina on Mahé that ends your magnificent stay after a landing and a thank you to your crew.



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