Yacht Charter Madagascar

itineraire 15 days from Nosy Bé to the Radam Islands

Day 1 : Nosy Bé - Nosy Tanikely

Arrive at the Fascene International Airport (NOS), then reach the marina for debrief aboard your boat and a departure for Nosy Tanikely. Nicknamed "the island of Petite Terre", this island will surprise you with its marine park, recognized internationally for its spectacular biodiversity. After diving in this beautiful spot, visit the lighthouse to witness an exceptional panoramic view and observe many lemurs during the walk.

Day 2 : Nosy Tanikely - Baie des Russes

Enjoy this pleasant morning to extend the pleasure of diving in this natural aquarium, then hoist the sails and head to the Baie des Russes, which owes its name to a Russian imperial squadron having stopped here. With your feet on the ground, follow in the footsteps of this rich past, to discover the miles of footprints left, visit the village, meet the locals then hike to the summit to see the incredible view.

Day 3: Baie des Russes - Marontoro Bay

Raise anchor & head towards Grande Terre for anchorage in Marontoro Bay. Go up the mangrove via kayak, paying attention to the diversity of flowers and wildlife, then let go along the bay by indulging in all kinds of water sports: snorkeling, swimming etc

Day4 : Marontoro Bay - Baramahamay

In Baramahamay, go up the river, through the complex mangrove to discover an exceptional fauna then towards Baramahary Island, located on Grande Terre, for a visit of its charming villages. Take advantage to restock with a unique supply of crabs and honey that you can enjoy for dinner.

Day 5 : Baramahamay - Nosy Iranja

Sail to Nosy Iranja and the two charming ilets connected by a sandbar, Nosy Iranja Bé and Nosy Iranja Kely. Enjoy this majestic postcard landscape, visit the fishing village, enjoy the traditional architecture of the paillots and meet the many turtles, the origin of the nickname "Turtle Island".

Day 6 : Nosy Iranja - Nosy Kalakajoro

Sail to Nosy Kalakanjoro, an unknown gem of the islands and famous for its shipbuilding yards. While exploring the island, visit 'the dhow site', the fishing village and listen to the stories of some locals for a personal description of the area.

Day 7 : Nosy Kalakanjoro - Berangomenia Bay (Grande Terre)

During the cruise, stop at Greg Wall, an exceptional site for divers, to witness a breathtaking show given by giant drop-offs, an extremely rich fauna and flora or by the 35-meter-long cave. depth ... then join Berangomenia Bay in Grande Terre to drop anchor.

Day 8 : Berangomenia bay - Nosy Lava

In Nosy Lava, visit the old penitentiary center of the island in which Malagasy patriots were interned during the colonial period, explore the area by taking the many hiking trails and then reach the lighthouse and admire an unparalleled view of the bay overlooking a stretch of greenery and a beautiful coastline landscape.

Day 9 : Nosy Lava - Morambe Bay

Enjoy this day under the 'sign of navigation' to observe the spectacle of colorful fish watching crumbs that fall, then anchor in the Bay of Morambe. In the evening, enjoy the famous sunset in the "little bay of Along" where the vegetation is transformed in the distance into shadows.

Day 10 : Morambe Bay - Middle Island

Join Middle Island, nicknamed Baobab Island because of the number of baobabs present. Visit the surrounding areas to discover an exceptional fauna and flora then explore the remote villages and taste the local specialties to immerse yourself little by little in the Malagasy culture.

Day 11 : Middle Island - Baramahamay

While sailing towards Baramahamay, make a dive stopover to explore the seabed in search of the "Nemo" the clownfish. Once arrived, visit the village and sip a cocktail facing the sunset punctuated by the sound of the waves.

Day 12 : Baramahamay - Nosy Kismany

Head towards Kismany for an exploration of the island and its very wild bays. Ride the river, the afterwards stroll along the many bays, take the hiking trails and end the day with a visit to the picturesque village of Kongoni.

Day 13 : Kismany - Nosy Komba

In Nosy Komba, or the island of Lemurs, let yourself be charmed by the authenticity of this island preserved from all technological and tourist development, focusing above all on nature. Meet the local people, observe the many lemurs who have elected homes and then dive into the underwater reserve of Tanikely or have a go at line fishing to catch your dinner.

Days 14 and 15 : Nosy Komba - Hellville (Nosy Bé)

Back to Nosy Be, visit Hell-Ville, its capital and former colonial city, mingle with locals at the market to stock up on souvenirs and taste local specialties and enjoy this last aperitif under the Malagasy sunset. Let yourself be awakened by the sounds of the surrounding nature then disembark and take the road towards the airport.



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