Yacht Charter In Puerto Rico - Caribbean

itineraire 8 days to discover Puerto Rico

Day 1 : Puerto Del Rey Marina

After arriving at Luis Muñoz-Marin International Airport in San Juan (SJU), you will find your boat at the marina Puerto Del Rey Marina for an aperitif.

Day 2 : Puerto Del Rey Marina – Island Palominos

Head to Culebra for an anchorage at Wippari Cay, and drift along this secluded tropical paradise by kayak. Discover the island, its rocky coast and dive into its coral reef to discover the underwater life that awaits you.

Day 3 : Isla Palominos - Cayo Luis Pena

Head east to reach Cayo Luis Pena, a nature reserve. Cross the island by walking the trails, meet wild goats and admire the breathtaking panoramic view punctuated by the sound of the ocean that will reward your efforts. Returning to your boat, you will see lava rocks on the beach, witnessing the formation of the island from volcanoes. Capture this piece of untouched paradise, stroll and dive along its perfectly clean beaches.

Day 4 : Cayo Luis Pena – Flamenco (Culebra)

Sail to Flamenco, one of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean. Take a bike to explore this island lined with coconut trees and lined with coral reefs. You will notice the richness of the fauna and flora of the island with its some 50,000 terrestrial and marine species like the leatherback turtles. At the beach, go to a restaurant to discover the warm Puerto Rican atmosphere and taste the specialties based on red beans or plantains.

Day 5 : Flamenco – Culebrita - Culebra

Go to Culebrita, a nature reserve. Head to Tortola Beach, starting point of the trail you can take to access the lighthouse ruins of the island. In Tortuga, swim with the turtles before returning to anchor in Culebra, Bahia del Almodovar.

Day 6 : Culebra - Esperanza (Vieques)

Join Vieques Island and visit Esperanza. Choose to go to Isabel II, to stroll the capital of the island, its colorful houses and immerse yourself in the culture by tasting the "comida criolla" (traditional dishes) in the many shops. Otherwise, enjoy the calm of Esperanza and dive from the docks, as do the locals. Be sure to visit the Conservation and Historical Trust and admire the spectacle of bioluminescent phytoplankton in Mosquito Bay.

Day 7 : Esperanza - Punta Arenas (Vieques)

Sail to Punta Arenas, nicknamed the "Green Beach". Take your time to visit the island and find yourself face to face with the ocean with green waters. On this postcard scene, sip a cocktail against the flamboyant tones of the sunset.

Day 8 : Punta Arenas - Puerto Del Rey Marina

After a last swim with the blue fish, return to the marina Puerto Del Rey.


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