Yacht Charter Indonesia

itineraire 8 days to discover Bali

Day 1 : Benoa → Sanur

After arriving at the Denpasar International Airport (DPS), reach your boat at the port of Benoa and drop anchor for Sanur Beach, south of Bali. Walk the streets of this village rich in authenticity, stroll under the tropical trees, then taste the Balinese specialties with grilled fish.

Day 2 : Sanur → Nusa Lembongan

Visit the surroundings, discover the "warungs", the typical huts, then snorkel to see up close the clownfish, then reboard your boat. Nusa Lembongan. Anchor on the "mushroom bay" and discover the miles and riches of the island: visit the underground houses, the Gala Gala, admire the famous yellow bridge of Cenignan, meet the seaweed farmers ...

Day 3 : Nusa Lembongan → Gili Islands

Set sail north to the three Gili Islands, postcard-like islands with coconut palms, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Take the time to discover each of these islands. In Gili Meno, swim with turtles and enjoy the absolute calm with the most relaxing panoramic views. In Gili Air, hike through sumptuous trails, then participate in the festive atmosphere of Gili Trawangan and dance until the end of the night.

Day 4 : Gili Islands → Senggigi

Sail west of Lombok and anchor in Sengigi. A true mix of influences from all walks of life, discover this city of unique richness, walk the paths of the tropical jungle, stroll along the beaches lined with coconut trees and then participate in the local market to find the best local products.

Day 5 : Senggigi → Poh → Gili Nanggu

On the island of Poh, explore the translucent waters and see the many schools of stunning fish, then drop anchor in Gili Nanggu, an island west of Lombok. Trek through its lush forest and experience a unique experience. observation of some rare animals.

Day 6 : Nanggu→ Gede

By joining the island of Gede, go along the south-west coast and make a few stops in sumptuous islets, ideal spots for diving. On land, explore the coast, meet the locals, discover their cuture and their traditions, visit the pearl farms, the mosques, then anchor on the island of Gede.

Day 7 : Gede → Nusa Penida → Pulau Serangan

In Nusa Penida, a true Balinese paradise island, explore its many treasures. Discover to the southwest, the broken beach, a natural arch formation, explore the cave goa giri putri or snorkel in search of the lost aquatic temple of Buddha. After discovering the surprising riches of the island, go to the anchorage in the lagoon of Pulau Serangan.

Day 8 : Pulau Serangan → Benoa

Enjoy this last morning awakening aboard your boat on Balinese waters, then sail to the marina of Benoa and join the airport.


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