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Yacht Charter Placencia - Belize

itineraire7 days from Placencia

From Placencia to Pelican Caye

Set sail to Lark Cay, a well-protected mangrove islet with a fairly deep anchorage. Otherwise travel to Pelican Cayes.

From Pelican Cay to South Waters Cay

Leave for the Blue Ground Range then to South Waters Cay where you might catch sight of a manatee or two if you're lucky. South Waters Cay and Twin Cayes belong to the South Water Cay Marine Reserve and the cost is $5 per person for a day.

From South Waters Cay to Rendezvous Cay

Go south to reach Rendezvous Cay along the Victoria Channel and drop your anchor for some snorkeling.

From Rendezvous Cay to Little Water Cay

Depending on what you want to do, head northwest to the Slasher Sand Bore or south east to the charming Queens Cays (also known as Silk Cayes) and anchor in the well-protected Little Water Cay.

From Little Water Cay to Ranguana Cay

Halt at Laughing Bird Caye for some snorkeling in this gorgeous national park where you will see a large amount of varied fishes, particularly Bob Barracuda, a rather large specimen. Note that the park fee is $4 per person for the day. Then travel south east to Ranguana Cay for the dinner.

From Ranguana Cay to Frank’s Cay

Leave for Frank's Cay in the Sapodilla Marine Reserve ($10 per person daily). Anchor there for lunch and enjoy some snorkeling. Before sunset, head on to Nicholas Cay for a sheltered anchorage.

Back to Placencia

Stop at Seal Cay for an unforgettable diving. Leave early enough for No Name Point close to Monkey River to anchor safely for the night in the lagoon. Back to the base the morning after.