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Information and services for Travel Agents

Windward Islands's Travel Agency Partner Program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your existing client relationships, expand your market reach and increase revenue - all at absolutely no cost to you. Our risk-free program provides you with access to our fleet, incredible offers, instant booking confirmation, simple and secure payment processing, commission reports and much, much more. Windward Islands offers a yacht charter information center and various offices worldwide to fit your requirements.

Know How
Windward Islands maintains a specialized Group Department staffed by experienced operations personnel. Every year our product managers visit the bases in the world and check a large range of our boats in our catalog.


Discovery cruise: tailor-made cruise with a skipper

All-inclusive cruise: including skipper, hostess, full board... just relax and enjoy the cruise

Luxury Cruise: luxury yacht charter with private cabins with ensuite bathrooms, gourmet food, watersports equipment.

- Hours
We operate from 9AM to 9PM on a 24/7 basis and can be contacted at any time. Every demand will generate a proposal within 48 hours, including a printable file : boat description, regional maps and information, contract.
- Tools
The "broker friendly" website: has been designed for the travel agent's needs.
- Commission
We believe in sharing success and provide a 5% to 15% commission, based on the boat charter price.

Americas - Sherri Thoma Troutman
+1 202 903 3865

Europe - Emmanuel Pertuisot

+33 4 93 38 12 14