If you are planning to escape from hectic schedules, routine business and boring sequences into something thrilling, adventurous and exciting, and decided upon yachting to explore the picturesque turquoise deep waters, the gift of nature, then Windward Islands can offer you an indisputable experience.

Windward Islands is a yacht charter company specializing in crewed luxury sailing, motor and mega yachts throughout the world. We are especially famous for our services in the Mediterranean (French Riviera, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain), in the Caribbean (Virgin Islands, Grenadines), in the Bahamas and Florida and so on.

Professional approach

  • Windward Islands has created a benchmark in the arena of providing a real luxury, exquisite experience by its extensive range of private and luxury yacht charters. We are totally committed and devoted to provide a lifetime memoir, a great experience that you will cherish throughout your life and would like to avail it again and again. It is this sincerity, professionalism and quality service that we have been able to create a customer base of more than 30,000. Today Windward Islands have access to more than 500 yachts covering a whopping 40 destinations around the globe.

One Stop Destination for All Occasions

  • Once you choose your dream destination and budget, you can come forward to us, and we are bound to turn it into a reality. Windward Islands, an unparallel yachting company provides you with all sorts of luxury yacht charter, mega yacht charter, sailing yacht charter, super yacht charter and so on as per your need like holiday, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties, business meetings etc.
  • This company is your very own, travel guide that will take you to all your dream destinations with a wide range of services on board by American charter, charter Caribbean, yacht charter Asia and so on. You can just browse our website or contact us start preparing the list of activities you want to do, as the rest will be taken care by us.

Star Provisions

  • We at Windward Islands will provide you with exclusive facilities of our fine cuisine, resting, swimming, partying etc. We also provide our customers with phone, Internet, navigation, shopping, casinos etc. You can also try your hand  with various water sports such as Scuba Diving (3), Jetski, Water-ski, Wave runner, Kite Surf, Kayak etc available on our luxury yacht charter.
  • We provide many seasonal offers for almost every destination to suit your budget. So stop thinking anymore, get on your toes and experience with WorldwideLuxuryYacht the enormous beauty of nature hidden in the deep blue waters


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