5 things Yacht Crew want to Say to Charterers or Owners

Yachties know it well – many myths circulate about their working conditions.

Whether it’s curious onlookers admiring the ships from the docks or the yacht’s own clients, most people believe that the crew’s schedule is limited to a comfortable 40-hour workweek, almost enjoying the same luxuries as the owner when they are present. But the truth is quite different.

What would crew members like to say to owners or guests. And there is much to be said, especially since these individuals have no idea of the amount of work, time, and energy it takes to operate a yacht.

Overcrowding and living in a small space is difficult

Crew cabins provide limited comfort, with sailors sleeping on cramped bunks or fitted benches. However, those who experience this don’t complain because they believe the benefits of their work outweigh the drawbacks of comfort and privacy.

“It’s not easy to live and work on a boat with over 10 crew members… the cabins are narrow, just a quarter the size of a regular room, and you have to share them with at least one other crew member.” – Captain Marc

We’ve got a lot more work to do than you think.

Each time you use a toy (jetski, sea-bob, water-ski, paddle), even for a short period, it takes hours to prepare it, set it up, monitor its use, check that everything is in order, then clean and put it away… 

Sailing the boat itself is a very big job, and can take all day. 

“We’d all have liked to have a break in the schedule between two sailings, or between seasons… to enjoy the place or to prepare the boat to perfection… ” -Marc

There’s never enough time in the day

Crew numbers are frequently limited on ships due to factors such as the availability of beds for sailors, crew responsibilities, and budget constraints from the shipowner. With boat maintenance, meals, activities, and cleaning tasks all demanding attention, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done!

We love extravagant requests 

Clients and owners are known for making extravagant requests, such as last-minute helicopter trips or flying by seaplane to a remote island. But while guests can be demanding and sometimes difficult, the crew members are thrilled when they manage to satisfy these outrageous demands.

“We secretly appreciate it when guests make ridiculous requests because we will be able to fulfill them, especially to prove that we can do it.” – Marc

When you relax we keep working 

Many superyacht guests think that the sailors on board are entitled to a break once they disembark. This is not the case: we vacuum the entire boat, tidy up, prepare a snack or meal for your arrival, fold linens, change beds, fill refrigerators… 

“Most of the time when they leave the ship, guests say to us: enjoy your rest, and when they come back they ask us: did you have a good rest? to which we reply: oh yes, thank you very much! ” – Charlie Hostess

One thing is for sure, most boat crew members are passionate and dedicated individuals. What do they love above all else? Sailing and making your cruise unforgettable!

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