Top 15 Best Nude Beaches around the World


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Do you dream of a full tan and lounge on the beach as nature intended? Many spots can satisfy your naturist desires, you just have to find them and especially the atmosphere that suits you. 

Indeed, when you are abroad, it is not always easy to find these beaches where clothes and swimsuits are only optional!

Here, our list of the 15 best nudist beaches around the world.

Spiaggia di Guvano (Corniglia, Italy) : the most preserved nudist beach in Europe

Located far from the tourist beaches of the Riviera, Spiaggia di Guvano is worth a visit. 

This Italian nude beach is located in the beautiful Cinque Terre region. It has a wild and primitive side, without any tourist infrastructure, with its small pebbles and its clear and pure water.
To reach it you will have to cross a short dark railway tunnel (bring a flashlight) or to avoid this, you can get there, from the sea, on your yacht! You can check our list of luxury boats available in Italy.

Red Beach (Crete, Greece): the most colorful naturist beach

Its name comes from the color of its rusty sand and its ochre cliffs. There are few red beaches in Greece.

High place of the naked sunbathing in Greece, this isolated beach is in the south of Crete, nestled between the hills. 

You can reach it from Matala by a 20-minute hike or by boat from the seafront of the same village. However, the best way to get there is from your yacht or one of the water toys on board. Find our selection of sailing and motor yachts for charter in Greece.

In the 1960s, Red Beach won over the European hippies. It has a small bar, Yiannis, with great mojitos! You will also find there a beach chair and umbrella rental service.

Paradise Beach (Mykonos, Greece): the paradise of festive naturists

Located on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Paradise Beach is a paradise for nudists who like partying. The beach is lively during the day, but also and especially at night. It lives to the rhythm of the music of the surrounding bars.

The naturist movement was initiated by the hippies on this beach in the 1960s. Since then, the monthly full moon party is still going strong.

Paradise Beach is also one of the most popular gay destinations in the world.

Its waters and its paradisiacal setting are enough to make you fall in love!

Tahiti Beach (Saint-Tropez, France): the most emblematic nude beach

In the 1960s, the beaches of the iconic and glamorous Saint-Tropez became the place to be for top-less sunbathers. The Plage de Tahiti is no exception and is even more audacious.

It is the emblematic naturist beach where many celebrities go. These white shores were also, in 1956, the setting for Roger Vadim’s famous film Et Dieu… créa la femme (And God… created woman) with the splendid Brigitte Bardot.

At the end of the beach, you will find a picturesque pier often posted on Instagram.

Very close to the city center, it is located in Pampelonne beach’s area and extends from Saint-Tropez to Ramatuelle. To enjoy gorgeous views of the Riviera, we highly recommend chartering a catamaran on the Côte d’Azur.

Valalta (Rovinj, Croatia): the most impressive naturist spot in the Mediterranean

3 kilometers long, Valalta is a beach depending on an award-winning naturist campsite. The advantage is that you can enjoy shaded areas, a swimming pool, and an aqua bar.

Croatia is famous for hosting some of the best naturist spots. The movement has appeared there since the 1930s. 

Located in Istria, Valalta is not only a naturist beach but also an excellent nude resort. It is one of the most impressive Mediterranean nudist sites. It is known all over the world.

Croatia, it is nearly 30 naturist and wild beaches, like Solaris or Koversada. Often accessible by sea, it is essential to rent a yacht.

Onboard, you will have incredible views of the shores and see your most beautiful sunsets. WI yachts offers a wide range of luxury yachts for charter in Croatia

Platja d’Es Cavallet (Ibiza, Spain): the picturesque and party vibe nude beach

Bordered by the azure blues of the Mediterranean and salt marshes, Es Cavallet is the most famous nude beach in Ibiza. Indeed, the island is not only about nightlife, but also famous for its beautiful naturist beaches, such as Aguas Blancas or Es Trucadors…

Platja d’Es Cavallet is divided into three sections: clubbing, the gay scene, and nudists. It is a favorite of celebrities with its festive atmosphere. Only a 10-minute walk from the city, this superb stretch of fine sand offers a natural setting, protected by green dunes.

Don’t miss the famous restaurant “El Chiringuito” which offers delicious culinary specialties.
Take advantage of your luxury yacht charter in Spain to tour the nudist beaches of the island and the Balearic Islands.

Patara Beach (Patara, Turkey): the longest nudist beach in Turkey

With its 18 km, Patara is the longest beach on the Turkish Riviera and is similar to a desert. Its warm, turquoise and shallow waters, its white and soft sand have something bewitching. Moreover, a legend says that its sand has healing powers.

The beach is also a protected nesting site for sea turtles.

Patara Beach combines nature, history, and unusual activities, such as the horseback safari. It allows the practice of all water sports, such as diving and kayaking. This windy beach is also a surfer’s paradise because of its constant and large waves that crash on the shore. You can practice hiking, as it is only a 20-minute walk from the Taurus Mountains, to take a breath of fresh air and invigorating on its peaks.

The beach is closed to motorized vehicles but is still accessible by road. Nevertheless, the area is splendid to discover onboard a luxury sailboat. You will be able to access other beaches such as Ölüdeniz, Saklıkent, and Kaş.

Well stocked with bars, clubs, but also restaurants, the area is very lively day and night.

Black’s Beach (La Jolla, San Diego, California): the most surfable nudist beach

Known to be one of the best nude beaches in the Pacific, it is located north of San Diego.

The beach is overlooked by the 100 meters high Torrey Pines cliffs. 

Blacks Beach is the favorite naturist beach of Californians and has been for 50 years when it was the only legal nude beach in the United States.

Black is a long and wide beach of blond sand, with great waves ideal for surfers, but dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Only the northern part, the California Parks Department one, is reserved for naturists.
You can access it by the Ho Chi Minh trail from the Torrey Pines airfield, near the University of California, or by sea, aboard a motorized yacht.

Haulover Beach (Miami, Florida): the most touristic naturist beach

Haulover is an international attraction that attracts each year more than 1,3 million local, European, and South American tourists.

Close to South Beach, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale, the popular beach is easily accessible. The middle part is not reserved for naturists, only the two ends are. The beach offers umbrellas and lounge chairs for rent and is protected by lifeguards.

For those who like crowds, try the National Nude Recreation Week, which takes place every year in July.
To discover Florida by sea, here is our selection of charters.

Anse de Grande Saline (St. Barts): the most isolated nudist beach

Anse de Grande Saline offers the perfect Caribbean nude experience. With its fine white sand, crystal clear waters, calm and nonchalance, this naturist beach has all the ingredients for a dream stay. 

This isolated cove offers perfect privacy to the amateurs of integral tanning. It is accessible by walking on the beach or by boat. WI offers you luxurious yachts for your marine stays in the Caribbean.

This beach is the only one in St. Barths that allows nudity, although normally prohibited. You will not find anything on the beach, so you will have to carry everything along. 

Not far from the Grande Saline is the Esprit, a sublime French restaurant. Not to be missed, but dressed up!

Orient Bay Beach (Saint-Martin): the ultimate nude Caribbean beach

In the North-East of Saint-Martin, the beach of Orient Bay is nicknamed “The Saint-Tropez of the Caribbean”.

With its wide range of tourist facilities, it is one of the largest and most popular beaches on the island. Between Mont-Vernon and Club Orient (naturist), it is the tourist beach par excellence. It offers umbrella and deckchair rental services, a multitude of restaurants and bars. You can practice all the possible nautical activities and also shopping. The beach has a pleasant atmosphere in the evening.

Only the western part of the beach is reserved for naturists. 

Located between Mont-Vernon and the Club Orient (naturist), it is the ultimate tourist beach of Saint-Martin! It offers a breathtaking view of the islands of Caye-Verte (and its coral reef), the islets of Pinel, Tintamarre, and Saint-Barthélemy. Nevertheless, what better way to enjoy these views than to visit the area aboard a luxury yacht.

Playa Zipolite (Oaxaca, Mexico): the most sensual nude beach

You may know the Mexican movie, starring Gael García Bernal, Y Tu Mama Tambien? It was shot here in 2001.

The beach has been popular with Mexican and American hippies since the 1960s. Although forbidden in Mexico, it allows and is even famous for not wearing a bathing suit.

Embedded between rocky cliffs, it extends for two kilometers and is lined with hotels and cafes. Playa del Amor, in the end, offers more privacy.
Discover the eastern coast of Mexico with a luxury yacht charter for a unique experience.

Praia Massarandupió (Bahia, Brazil): the most glamorous Brazilian nudist beach

What destination is sexier than Brazil and its Copacabana beach? The beach of Praia Massarandupió!

Between Salvador and Praia do Forte, this beach of the coast of Bahia offers a part reserved for the nudists long of 2 kilometers and named Praia das Dunas. 

Its coconut trees and undulating dunes make it a heavenly destination. It also enjoys waves that will seduce surfing enthusiasts.

A unique way to discover this area of Brazil is to charter a luxury boat.

Leela Beach (Koh Phangan, Thailand): the most beautiful nude beach in Southeast Asia

Located at the southern end of Koh Pangan in the Gulf of Thailand, Leela is a quiet beach unlike the dressed-up and wild beaches of the island known for its Full Moon parties.

The nudist community is growing in Thailand, but Leela remains an unofficial naturist beach. 

The Gulf of Thailand, its turquoise waters, and beaches lined with coconut trees, the scenery is great for lovers of exoticism. Whether for snorkeling, kayaking, or sunset watching, Leela offers many exciting activities.
The beach is lined with restaurants and resorts. You’ll have to walk through one to get to the beach, which is common in Thailand unless you’re coming on your luxury yacht.

Samurai Beach (Port Stephens, Australia): the most scenic naturist beach in Australia

Samurai is located right next to the Tomaree National Park. This beach is very well maintained throughout the year. Here, unlike its neighbor One Mile, clothing is not welcome and is even prohibited.

The beach is peaceful and offers different views of the ocean, dunes, and sandy headlands. Facing southeast, it offers a great surf spot. Its proximity to One Mile Beach, a very popular swimming beach, and Big Rocky Island is also very appreciable.

Access to the Samurai Beach campground is very difficult by road unless you have a 4-wheel drive. It is, however, very easy to get there by sea. Take advantage of mooring with your yacht charter in the area to visit Wreck Beach and hike to Tomaree Head Summit or Fort Tomaree.

Enjoy these beautiful nude beaches during your yacht charter. WI offers a wide range of beautiful yachts for charter worldwide: sailboats, catamarans, trimarans, and motoryachts. 

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