Sailing Distance Calculator

Plan your sailing trip easily

Welcome to the sailing distance calculator! With this tool, you will be able to estimate the distance of your sea journeys in nautical miles and the time you need between two stops, allowing you to plan your trip with ease.

To get started, simply enter the starting port in the location box and add the rest of the places you wish to visit to plan your journey. With our easy-to-use map, you have the flexibility to make any necessary changes to your route. The blue line represents your chosen path, and by clicking on it, you can adjust the route of your trip.

To ensure you have a smooth and successful journey, you can also calculate the duration of your trip. This calculation is determined by your average cruising speed, which depends on the type of boat you have.

A monohull has an average cruising speed between 4 and 8 knots. A catamaran/sailing trimaran has an average cruising speed between 8 and 10 knots. A motorboat, on the other hand, has an average cruising speed between 12 and 25 knots.

With this information, you can accurately estimate how long your journey will take, which will help you prepare for any planning or scheduling you need to do beforehand.

We hope you enjoy using our sailing distance calculator and find it helpful in planning your next sea journey. Happy sailing!

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