The 5 Dive Spots in Italy That You Should Not Skip

Discover the Best Dive Spots in Italy

There are plenty of things that Italy can boast about as a tourist destination. The culture and great food rank highly, but so does the coastline. There are so many coastal towns, resorts, and islands that there are countless destination options for divers. Here are 5 of the best dive spots in Italy.


There is one site that comes up repeatedly in conversations about the best dive sites in Italy, and that is Sardinia. More specifically, most talk about the dramatic cave systems that surround St Elmo’s Rock. This is a great place for some awesome wildlife spots, but is one for the more experienced, adventurous traveller. Stintino, along the coast, is a little better suited to first-timers.


All divers that favour Italian waters need to dive around Elba at least once. This island lies within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and is home to a vast array of species. Visitors can marvel at sunfish, rays, moray eels and other giants of the deep. There is also an underwater museum of statues, for something a little different. The islands around Italy are all popular with divers, although Elba does stand out. Still, you don’t have to head so far out from the mainland, as our next option shows.


When travellers talk about Rome, they are generally focused on the more terrestrial wonders of Italy’s capital. Yet, there is more to this city then the art, architecture, and cuisine in its centre. There are actually two dive sites here that will appeal to divers for different reasons. Those with an interest in marine biology will love the Costacuti Reef and its red sea fans; those that love to dive around wrecks will be amazed by the preservation of the WWII ship Saint Lucia.

Lake Garda:

Then there are those that might prefer to try a little freshwater diving on Italy’s mainland. One of the best places to give this a try is in Lake Garda. This location is spectacular and it is a great idea to view it from as many angles as possible. This means surveying the breadth of the lake from above, but also the depth beneath the surface. There is visibility of around 10m and lots of interesting fish to meet.


This last destination in these top dive spots in Italy isn’t one of the most popular. Some would expect to see Sicily or Liguria ending this list. Yet, it is one of the most interesting for keen travellers. There is something for everyone here, with the marine life of Punta Campanella and the wrecks around Scoglio del Vervece. Again, this about exploration, but not to the extreme of St Elmo’s Rock.


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