7 Reasons to go on a British Virgin Islands Vacation

Devils Bay British Virgin Islands Vacation

There are lots of islands that immediately jump to mind when planning an island getaway. But, the British Virgin Islands isn’t always at the top of that list. This is a shame because these beautiful, diverse islands have so much to offer. Here are 7 Reasons to go on a British Virgin Islands vacation.


1- The marine landscape

Let’s be honest, the number one reason that many people come to these islands is to explore the different bays and beaches. There are some stunning places to spend an afternoon in the sun. You can choose between some of the more secluded, peaceful beaches and those that are more tourist-friendly with great facilities. There are also lots of smaller islands that are worth exploring if you have the time and the means of transportation.

2- Snorkelling and diving

The British Virgin Islands are a diver’s paradise. There are lots of bays and reefs that are ideal for spotting some of the more exotic marine life that inhabits these waters. The southern islands are home to some exciting shipwrecks too if you are a more experienced diver with a sense of adventure. The islands have no shortage of rental companies and instructors ready to show the hidden underwater beauty of the area. Those that want to stay on top of the ways can surf or windsurf. There is even an annual 150-mile windsurfing race.

3- Charter a yacht in the British Virgin Islands

The BVI is a great place to charter a yacht, especially if you are heading out on vacation as a larger group. This is a brilliant way to hop between islands and see as much of that beautiful landscape and those stunning waters as possible. You could begin one day offshore from a great little harbour town and end it on a tiny island near a flock of flamingos. Crewed boats also have skilled captains, chefs and bar staff to cater to all your needs.

4- The inland landscape

It is far too easy to look at the British Virgin Islands and think of all the bays and beaches. People come here looking for that romantic beach holiday and a laid-back feel. But, there are also lots of stunning locations inland – from the many towns to the parks and the heights of Sage Mountain. Sage Mountain. Is 1716ft tall and sits in a 92-acre national park. If you want a rewarding hike in a unique landscape, this is the place to go. Don’t be afraid to look around and explore. Ask the local for some hidden gems that might not be as popular with the tourist.

5- The wildlife

Alternatively, you could head to the Gorda Peak National Park. This area is a 107-hectare semi-rainforest that is home to a vast array of flora and fauna. This includes the tiny Virgin Gorda gecko, tree frogs, soldier crabs and lots of stunning orchids and cacti. It is a captivating place finished off with an observation tower overlooking the island. Animal lovers that aren’t so at home in the water will love this opportunity to get closer to nature.

6- The nightlife

Then there is the “wild life” of a different kind. These islands are just as vibrant at night as they are during the day and there are all kinds of fun adventures in store. These islands were home to rum-smuggling pirates at one time, so they know a thing or two about a good drink and a party. Jost Van Dyke is arguably the go-to place for some wilder nights. Hit some bars, try some drinks, make some new friends and sleep it off on the sands the next day.

7- They could use your custom

It seems a shame to end on such a downbeat note. But, there is a harsh reality about booking a British Virgin Islands vacation. There are some holidaymakers that have been a little put off about visiting some of these islands because of the damage caused by recent Hurricanes. These resilient islands will always get hit by storms, rebuild and be better than ever. But, this is much easier with tourist dollars to fund their efforts. Show the residents of the British Virgin Islands that we don’t just love them when everything is sunny and perfect.



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