How to Choose the Right Yacht Broker?

Whether you are planning to buy, sell or charter a yacht, you need a yacht broker. As yachting has grown in popularity, the number of such brokers has exploded and finding one is almost a feat.

So what do you need to do, to charter THE right boat, sell your yacht or buy one? Well, you can either do some trials and errors on your own, but that can be costly… or you can simply take advantage of the advice of your luxury yacht broker who knows the job inside and out.

Things to consider before choosing a yacht broker

Ask for recommendations from people you know and keep track of who use the same brokers for more than one transaction. This will tell you how good these yacht brokers are at their job.

You can also ask a local yacht club or professional organization for help.

What should you look for?

Experience: It is advisable to look for brokers who have a few years of experience. In general, more experience indicates more knowledge of the yachting world.

Reputation: You can also check the reputation of the company. This will ensure that you are in good hands when it comes to yacht trading.

What does a brokerage company offer you?

Unique services in the yachting world:

  • Its expertise on boats, yards, their marketing, the price at purchase, at resale, at charter.
  • An offer of boats available for sale with a complete listing and the possibility of organizing visits and an expertise to negotiate at best.
  • Management of your vessel: crew management, reservation planning, technical follow-up etc.
  • A gallery of videos/photos: Updated brochure of the boats for sale and/or charter.
  • Ask about the advertising strategy. Some brokers use multiple platforms, such as professional websites, social networks, print media, representation at boat shows etc.
  • Reach and contacts: Some companies have a global reach and a good number of contacts. If you have a high-end boat, this will be a major asset for you.
  • Personality traits. A broker will represent you and your boat if you are looking to sell one. So make sure he is competent enough to represent you and your yacht in the best light.
  • Last but not least, his professionalism. 

Since the whole process of buying or selling a yacht can be time consuming, choose a broker who :

  • Enjoys his work,
  • Offers detailed explanations,
  • Is quick and responsive
  • Enjoys dealing with clients.
  • Has a good reputation