Phuket is a conspicuous island within Thailand, which is a leading tourist destination as well as a chief location for Luxury Yacht Charter. It is a scenic island with its incredible marine life and provisions for diving, its beaches which are lined with palm trees, superlative resorts as well as its exceptional nightlife. Phuket has an alluring climate and with its warm and welcoming people, mouthwatering cuisine, this is the ideal destination for an unforgettable and mysterious vacation via Luxury Motor Yacht.

The primary resort town of Phuket is Patong, which is a busy place, and is always filled with activity. There are wonderful resort beaches of Kamala, Kata plus Karon. This island is a shopaholic`s paradise, and you can acquire Thai sculptures in addition to furniture which are especially hand crafted. Varied activities take place for instance golf, elephant riding, and numerous other resort activities.

If you go on a Luxury Yacht Charter, you will see that Phuket is the ideal starting point if you wish to discover the pristine beaches as well as the astounding rock formations which can be seen in Phang Nga Bay, or you can journey southeast to explore Langkawi, Malaysia. If you are enterprising, you can also sail in the northwest direction to explore the Surin Islands, the Similan Islands, besides the untouched exquisiteness of Mergui Archipelago within Myanmar.

When you embark on your Luxury Yacht Charter, you will perceive that the most renowned destination for the Luxury Yacht is Phang Nga Bay. It offers the opportunity to view amazing beaches, incredible panorama, as well as its unique marine life, of Koh Racha, James Bond Island, Krabi, Koh Lanta, in addition to the Phi Phi Islands which are called Koh Phi Phi.

If you visit Phang Nga Bay you will come across more than 100 islands where there are unbelievable rock formations as well as limestone cliffs which climb precipitously from the turquoise colored waters. This area is principally a marine national park, thus the scenery is pristine, and moreover the beaches are wonderfully spotless and tranquil. It is a destination which you must visit as you go on a Luxury Yacht Charter, to Phuket.

James Bond Island is also known as (Ko Tapu), and in the recent past it has become a foremost Phuket tourist spot. It looks quite melodramatic as it emerges from the water with its slight base, and nowadays it has become symbolic of the incredible landscape of the Phang Nga Bay.

You must visit also Krabi which lies on top of the Thai mainland, and it is approximately on the eastern side of Phuket Island. There are several coral lined islands which have provisions for amazing diving as well as snorkeling. If you avail the Luxury Super Yachts, there is a possibility that you can stopover at Krabi as well as Phang Nga Bay within the same voyage.

This is what you can anticipate, as you go on a Luxury Yacht Charter, to view the picturesque splendor of Phuket.


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