The Top 10 Martinique Beaches to Visit this Year


It is difficult to narrow down the best beaches in Martinique because there are just so many of them to choose from. The islands offer contrasting shores, vast tourist beaches and small coves. This means that there is something for everyone here. There are bright white sands to the north and black and silver beaches to the south. Visitors should also be aware that there are plenty of people that aren’t shy about topless bathing here either. It is a good idea to ask the locals about their own favourite spots, if you want to avoid the busiest tourist traps. But, here are 10 of the best Martinique beaches to pique your interest.

1. Les Salines

The first place to start is with some of the more accessible tourist-friendly options. Les Salines is a great option because it provides that stereotypical view of paradise. It is a vast stretch of white sands, coconut trees and blue sea. It is fairly touristy, without too many people crowding the shores at one time. There are also lots of souvenir stands and drinks vendors around.

2. Plage du Bourg

Plage du Bourg is a great choice for those that don’t want to stray too far from the heart of town. This beach is in-town and therefore nice and close to all the right amenities. Tourists can catch the sunset with a drink before retiring to their hotel. Families can eat at the restaurants here. It is even ideally situated for an early morning dip in the ocean.

3. Diamant

This beach is ideal for those that love the sand and sea but aren’t so keen to sunbathe. Here there are plenty of shaded spots under the trees to escape the harshest summer sun. This white beach is just as tranquil and beautiful as its more tourist-focused cousins. Visitors can also take a dip in the cool water of the ocean to revive themselves.

4. Anse Corps de Garde

There are great opportunities to swim in many of the different coves and beaches around Martinique. The clarity of the water and calm shores mean that many visitors can enjoy the experience – from the less experienced to the more accomplished. Swimmers are always encouraged to check tides and weather conditions and to know their limits. Anse Corps de Garde is ideal for the less able because of the clear swimming areas and calmness of the water.

5. Anser Turin

As mentioned above, there are also many beaches and coves that don’t have the white sands that we immediately associate with the best beaches in the Caribbean. The volcanic areas of Martinique create some spectacular areas of natural beauty. The darker sands of Anser Turin near Saint-Pierre offer great views of the Montagne Pelee volcano.

6. Anse Noire

As the name suggests here, Anser Noire is another of these dramatic black shorelines. This option is a little more of a trek for the average tourist. The long staircase to this protected cove means that it contrasts with the town-adjacent sands above. Still, the views and scenery are worth the effort. Snorkellers are also rewarded with great underwater experienced in the clear waters.

7. Anse l’Etang

Sticking with the watersports theme, this beach has a secondary name of Surfer’s Beach. The waves that generate here are so clean and reliable that avid surfers flock here. It isn’t the easiest beach to find compared to some tourist destination, but this adds to the beauty and mystique. Successful surfers will want to return here time and time again over the holiday.

8. Grande Anse

There are lots of reasons to head to the shore in Martinique. Many will do so for the water activities and sunbathing, but others will seek out the best food and drink in Martinique. Grande Anse is a great example. Not only is this a beautiful beach no matter the time of day, it is also home to some amazing restaurants. Ti Sable is seen as one of the best in the island.

9. Le Coin

This beach is another ideal spot for foodies because of its location and the top-rated premises’ on the sands. The beach lies in the town of Carbet and is home to a number of fine beach-front restaurants – such as Guy Ferdinand’s Le Petibonum. This beach is ideal for a sunset cocktail, especially for those staying in town.

10. Plage de Tartane

The final option in this list of the best Martinique beaches is one for those that want to taste the best drinks that this island has to offer. There is a nice chilled atmosphere to this area that may have something to do with the rum distillery by the beach. This is therefore the perfect place to sample some real Caribbean rum.


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